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Sunday, May 23, 2010

BlackHawks Win Game 4, Sweep to 2010 NHL Finals Berth

I've been following these Hawk's all season

Truth is this team has been really exciting to watch and it takes a great team to get this savvy fan to even pay attention after 45 years of failure minus 1961's Championship 3 years before I was born and an appearance in 1992 both under original NHL owner, Dollar Bill Wirtz, who hockey fans know pinched the quarters so tight around here the eagles would scream.

He dies 3 years ago, his son Rocky puts this team together and viola, the Super Bowl of Hockey as the Hawks are there, as are the fans and I'm gonna make enough to pay my mortgage for a couple years selling my tickets.!!

I'm happier than Barney Frank at the local DC butt pirate bathhouse on Two Fer Tuesday's!!

I won't unload all of them, I'll keep the game 4 and 7's which the latter they hopefully won't need ....but if they do I wouldn't miss that one for the world. After all, I've been waiting my whole life for this shit.


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  1. C-Christian SoldierMonday, May 24, 2010

    OK!-when my Red Wings went down-I started rooting for Chicago -we want one of the origianl 6 to win the Stanley...

  2. I'm very happy for you Ray, enjoy your tickets and go see every game.
    Since old man wirtz croaked, the Hawks have been great,.....esp. since we can
    see them on TV now.

    I love your pic!  I may borrow it sometime.

  3. Yup Dollar Bill didn't care since the seats were full and I was one of the people filling them season after season..I'm selling most of them like  I said.

    I've had offers over 5000 a ticket so it's a tough call....

    Thanks Bunni and that's what they're there for...

  4. <span>Yea it's a rarity when the usually hapless Hawks win a season series agains the indomitable Red WIngs.  I did the same when they were on top so I'm sure the team appreciates the support and really has brought America into the Hockey arena during these playoffs more than usual because they're like Cubs of the NHL..</span>


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