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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Can Someone Wake Me Up When Obama Isn't on Our TV Sets Please....

Probably tomorrow sometime as we all know today the state has Obama Fever.... WoooWeeee!!!!

Not me. I am watching his "blame the man for the country's ills" speech as I type right this minute so I can hear first hand what this Barak Obama version of "I have a Dream" sounded like for word for word instead of what the MainStream Media tells me he said in their words. So he has fallen into the media trap and the all the hype himself and is gonna run for president.

And just as I predicted, Barak says he will solve all the country's problems if we elect him president, just trust him. Here he goes blaming Katrina on the government, racism for poverty, the Iraq war on Bush, he's a fresh face etc etc...we've heard it all before from Jesse, Slick Willie, Kerry, Kennedy, Lincoln, and Hillary all rolled into one.

All the local and national papers are treating this Obama event like it's the SuperBowl, just like he planned it when he chose Springfield as the city to announce what the whole world has known for the past 6 months thanks to the glorious media's non stop "bathroom break to bathroom break" coverage of his every move.

And just as he planned, the Tribune and the Sun Times are filled with the inevitable Lincoln -Obama comparisons and parallels that he knew would crop up by choosing the site of Lincoln's House Divided speech..here's just one of 5 headlines from the Sun Times:

Springfield giddy for today's announcement

.See what I mean?

Well Obama's No Lincoln and I'm No Fool. He's probably a nice guy, but I'll pass on the Obama presidency this time around. And once Hillary and her minions gets done dismantling and trying to destroy him and his campaign he'll then go back to Washington to finish being Senator.

Maybe after 6 full years as a Senator he can then try to run again once his liberal voting record and ideals are down on paper for the world to see what he accomplished, instead of these empty platitudes and promises that all politicians make during this "I'll say anything to get elected" phase.

Only this time around we are hearing this stuff a record 2 full years before the next election!!



The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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