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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

350 Mil Census Form Arrival And Completion Time?.......5 Minutes. Desk to Mailbox

I'm single so only had to fill one section and had to answer the simplest questions I've dealt with in a decade,  from the government at least.

But for those families who have 3 generations of people living there (illegals perhaps),  yes it could take a whopping half hour to complete if you can't read and write English, because there's no Spanish on this thing.Otherwise it would have been 40 pages long.

So, my conclusion is after 350 million wasted advertising this freaking thing that shouldn't require 10 grand to get it done, and assessing all the RIDICULOUS run up to this non event just to get Hispanics and all Illegals to return it  is the following......

Anyone who doesn't fill this thing out and return it the very next day like I just did is either...

(A) a Child Molester living somewhere they're not supposed to be, like near a school..

(B) Drug dealers with no job other than supplying the neighborhood with coke, crack, smack and weed..

(C) Flat out fugitives from justice from some crime or another or a string thereof that the authorities have active warrants out for their arrests...

(D) Terrorists that somehow managed to get 'inside the wire" per se and don't have all their fake identifications taken care of yet so they can continue to be anonymous until 19 of them hijack some airplanes and drive them into our largest skyscrapers in the US

and finally last but certainly not least....

(E) Illegal Aliens are the ones we need to find and weed out just like the terrorists in hiding....as they will never fill it out firstly because they can't read gosh damn English, and secondly for all the other obvious reasons.

So in this American's humble opinion, every home that doesn't return it should be visited by ICE and the ATF simultaneously as they'll make a freaking historic roundup killing guaranteed.

And finally one more thing.....look at the back of this thing and tell me how fuc**** stupid one has to be to actually need these instructions? I had my 5 year old nephew insert the thing perfectly without ANY ASSISTANCE WHATSOEVER....

if you really needed these instructions, please send me an email,  and I'll send you a loaded weapon with instructions on what you need to do with IT, ok?

I like the front of it which says this (check the left side and then what the illegals likely response has been)

As if people who've been here living illegally high off the tax free hog are gonna be scared by that crap,  which they can't even read anyways!!


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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