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Sunday, August 22, 2010

New DVD Release this weekend: Obama Presidential Vacation!


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. It may end up being the most expensive film project of all time.

  2. Well Trestin we know the vacations themselves have added tens if not a hundred million easily to the debt when costs of AFO are included.

    At least when Bush was on vacation it was to go to his own home. Obama's home is nothing but a show place they only bought months before his intent to run for the senate was known. Fraud through and through.

  3. Excellent, Ray!  You are a real comedic artist.
    I can't wait for the DVD of this bums impeachment!  Or how about a live webcam series of him rotting in prison for the rest of his miserable life?  I'd pay to see that.  ;)

  4. Thanks Bunni, I was watching that dumb movie the other day and said "this is like the Obama presidency"....I never put em together....then I went and saw one already but all it had was the picture of Chevy Obama, I added all the rest of the shit...  :)

  5. I will wait for the trailer produced by MSLSD as it will contain the 'highlights',,NOT!

    It would seem all os conservative bloggers are hitting the same notes and for good reason, no matter what he does, is or says is fraud!

    I find it amazing the denial from the MSM, they are both besides themselves and dilusional.

  6. Does this enclude his golf outings?

  7. No, that's a seperate dvd collection of 40 full length double sided double burned dvd/s!!  ;)

  8. I knew we'd finally 'crack through' the normies out there who fell for the Obama "hope and change" white guilt bullshit huh Mark? What morons.

    I can't remember going to school anywhere in the 10 different states which I did where anyone I knew would be an Obama voter. Not a single person out of hundreds of friends, many of whom I still communicate,  I lived in the deep south for some years.,... and went to elementery school two years in Greenville SC in 72 where many aa's still lived in homes with dirt floors,  I SHIT YOU NOT>

    And many were my friends, were mostly southern Baptists who wouldn't have jack to do with Obama.I'm catholic btw/

    I can't believe the real African Americans couldn't see through his charade and are so desperate for a "black" leader of their own they settled for him. Sad when there's so many great black men and women to choose from who were just scared to run and the DNC wouldn't back any of them.


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