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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blackhawks Win First Stanley Cup In My Lifetime, Since 1961

Finally. Now if the Cubs win the World Series, Obama gets impeached and Daley resigns, the world will be 'right' once again as America reigns as the beacon of freedom and liberty as it once was.

The game ended strangely as the Hawks scored in Overtime in a goal which didn't set off the lights and took all the spontenaity out of the celebration because no one was sure if it was a goal or not.

The replays showed an obvious goal and the crowd was stunned.

photo nbc5.com chicago

It was indeed 'deemed' a goal, and the Hawks have won the Stanley Cup for the first time in 51 years.

My tribute to the Hawks after a lifetime as a fan who sat through some miserable shit at the old Stadium. We watched games standing on the Hot Dog Concession Carts in the second balcony back in high school on Sunday nights! We were die hard's.

Whew, finally, I've almost seen everything now.

Now, if only the Cubs win the world series and Obama's impeached I could die having had seen everything. 22 Year Old Jonathon Toewes was named the MVP of the series and he's about to become the 'toast of the town' here in Chicago.

Already a legend on par with Makita and Hull, (especially after this plus winning the Smythe Conn Trophy(MVP) ) who were the last men to bring home the Cup to Chicago, again, back in 1961, 3 years before I was born.

Patrick Kane, who scored the winning goal in OT, celebrates the
Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup. (Scott Strazzante/Tribune)

Strangely enough I bought my nieces and nephews Hawks jerseys this past Christmas and one of them Jonathon Toewes!

I'm sure they're freaking out tonight as we all went to game 2 on Memorial Day together. I actually live in the Suburbs and fireworks are going off outside out here, I kid you not.. as we watch the game here and my neighbors watch me post this.

We've suffered all our lives as far as being a Chicago sports fan goes, I was even once a season ticket holder for 10 years, when they sucked through the 90's mostly.

This is a huge night for we lifetime Hawks fans, the Super Bowl of '85 all over again. So a big congratulations to the Blackhawks, and now watch Obama somehow glom onto this for some publicity as if he's a Hawks fan.

The only black fan in the city! lol Just kidding, there's a few I'm sure, not many though.

JUST IN CASE HE DOES try to take some credit for this....


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Congratulations Ray!  What an awesome victory, after 51 years.

  2. How bout it Teresa/ You lived here all this time? It's been a long time coming. Then end must be near!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a great game, and the ending was fantastic, the crowd had no idea... Enjoy!!

  4. Happy for ya Ray but being from Hockeytown (Red Wing territory) I have been enjoying Baseball early this year.

  5. It'll be short lived, now we'll die waiting for the "SCHLUBS" to win one.. Obama will win a second term before that happens..a third one even which says how impossible it is... 
    thanks ;)

  6. I hear ya, I got sick of seeing the Red Wings win all the time too....Before them it was the Edmonton Oilers and Wayne Gretsky who kicked Chicago's ass year after year when I was a season holder...

    This team is pretty young though, they could continue on this path....

    Next year is finally here.

  7. This is thrilling Ray, I can't get enough of watching it on the news.
    10:00 am tomorrow, channel 5 is doing live coverage, I'll watch that instead
    of going downtown.

    It's so wonderful, I'm very, very happy.  It was great to see Bobby Hull talk about it too.
    I love the pic you made!  Most excellent.

  8. It is great (the black people hate it though!!lol)  In all seriousness we're thinking of going near the outskirts of this thing...they know all the african Americans won't be there since it ain't the Bulls so they only need the corner of downtown as opposed to all of Grant Park and it'll be like 1/10 th the mess...just watch..lol!!

  9. PS thanks..oops. ;(  I liked it too, it came out good. It looks as good as the shirt I bought today, I'll tell ya that much!

  10. I haven't gotten a shirt yet, need to look around for a nice "cheap" one.
    Did you wind up going downtown, or watch at home?
    I stayed home, I don't like big crowds and that was the HUGEST ever, for anything
    I've seen in all my years here.

  11. I picked some up for my nieces and nephews and dropped them off yesterday. I have one, I doubt I'll ever wear it but I have it now..  ;)


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