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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Hollywood | Trace Adkins: Country Music Star, Oil Rig Worker Calls Oil Drilling Moratorium ‘Idiotic’

"The most idiotic, uninformed, juvenile decision I've ever seen" Sounds like an Obama move....

This man is one of the first people I've heard through all this who actually know something about these wells and the operation of them.

Trace Adkins, a former oil rig worker in the Gulf before hitting it as an award winning musician shreds Obama's drilling ban and sheds some light on what it's like to actually work on the platforms as a man who knows WTF he's talking about. Unlike the entire Obama Gangster Disciples administration where not one single Oil man or woman exists.

Nothing but liberal eggheads and dopeheads and that includes Huessein himself admittedly although I believe him to still be a regular drug user as I know one when I see one, I was one.

Unlike Obama's spill commission who employ not one oilman but a boatload of booksmart intellectuals who've never had a real job in their entire lives, just like Obama.

Caught this at Breitbart's 'Big Hollywood' this morn.....
Kudos to CNN’s Anderson Cooper for having someone on who not only knows of what he speaks from first-hand experience, but obviously wasn’t going to say what Cooper would’ve have liked him to say.

Adkins handles himself with the class of a true superstar. He doesn’t get partisan and keeps his informed criticism borne of actual experience focused where it should be: on policies and ideas instead of individuals.

Word you won’t hear: ObamaHitler. But that’s only because Nashville’s never been as sophisticated as Hollywood.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Trace Adkins is spot on!

  2. They needed a 1000 people like him handling the rigs and aftreburn  instead of a bunch of liberal think tank assholes who have no real life experience, only a wheel barrow full of degrees that mean they've spent more time in school than running things in real life. As they say , those who can, do, those who can't, teach.

  3. Trace has been talking about this for awhile now.  Too bad Obastard isn't listening.  Too bad BP isn't listening either.
    Kudos to Trace.

  4. You know I think I told you on the phone  I sent them a proposal like 80,000 others you can see in this post,  but yesterday finally I get this email:

    Dear Raymond Felitto III,

    Thank you for your submission to the Alternative Response Technology (ART) process for the Deepwater <span>Horizon</span> MC252 incident. Your submission has been reviewed for its technical merits.

    It has been determined that your idea falls into one of the following ART  categories: Already Considered/Planned, Not Feasible, or Not Possible, and therefore will not be advanced for further evaluation.  To date, we have received over 80,000 submissions with each submission receiving individual consideration and priority based on merit and need.

    BP and <span>Horizon</span> Deepwater Unified Command appreciate your contribution and interest in responding to this incident.

    Thank you very much,
    <span>Horizon</span> Response Team

    So what that means in other words is "we've gotten 80. 000 of these and yet the oil is still pouring out like yesterday" which to me tells me they're not intersested in stopping it because this is all a ruse to bring in Cap and trade which BP is a major supporter of and this shit is all a game.

    It's a show they're putting acting like they can't stop it when it can be easily stopped it's just that they use this bullspit "it's a mile down and we can't get to it" excuse.

    you're gonna tell me my Idea which would work along with 79 000 others suck? They must they want us to believe, other wise the thing would be plugged

    Obama should be definately impeached over this once we run these people out of office in November and that should be everyone's goal whos not a liberal to make sure everyone you know goes to vote in the fall..WE have to do it or this country will never be the same ever again.


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