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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Now Another Congressman says Obama birthplace 'not in Hawaii'

"The mayor joined Tennessee state Senate speaker Ron Ramsey, Hawaii state Sen. Will Espero, Oklahoma state Rep. Mike Ritze, U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., and many others with similar questions. "

This is gonna break soon, as it just can't be a secret much longer while more and more people turn on Obama, the people holding this 'crucial information' will feel less scared to come forward, as right now liberals have excoriated anyone with these accurate views and they don't want to be the 'world Pariah' for 'bringing down the Messiah' or perhaps they're being 'threatened', but when Obama's disapproval reaches 75% in the coming months he's done because they'll then be a national hero.

Mark my words. Nowadays I wouldn't doubt a person holding that info to capitalize as much as possible at the expense of the nation, and they're out there.

We're now hearing this talk more and more in the liberal MSM which would have stopped the globe from spinning just a couple months ago. John Stewart the other day and now a 'birther' on the Colbert report?

They wouldn't talk to these people to even mock them or us I should say since I would bet my dead grandmother's grave stone Obama was born in Kenya a couple months and one huge botched oil spill ago that's getting worse as evidence mounts Obama has let this worsen to capitalize on it as he's even said as much himself. Scum.

This video came from this WorldNetDaily post this morning...sat./

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Congressman says Obama birthplace 'not in Hawaii'

This man here is the mayor of Champaign Illinois which is the city where the University of Illinois is located and he too came out the other day and said the same thing, also from the same WorldNetDaily Post linked above..


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  1. This is like the oil spill, it keeps getting worse (for Hussein) and the longer it continues the more press it will get. There is no way to demagogue this, Either show the proof of citizenship (as there is any) and end this or as repeatedly demanded, show your illegal alien documents, be removed forthwith, imprisoned for a lengthy period then deported to either Indonesia or Kenya- makes no difference.

  2. I keep posting these because I would bet anything I own and especially now as I've been against Obama long before the media even knew who he was and my posts here date back to his cup of coffee in the senate as his 'to be' opponent in that race, Jack Ryan, is a college friend of my own brother and we were all poised to begin work on his campaign when it was brought down by a bullshit 'sex scandal' involving his own wife, and the Illinois Repugs were too "pussified" to back him after just seeing George Ryan go down and they thought people would think they were relatives and all kinds of bullshit that opened the door to this Usurping Kenyan Mothefu*^er.

    He will go down and this will bring him down as I said in a couple months when the BP spill damage can start being assessed properly. Those people are gonna hate him so much the people who have the info will be finally emboldened to step up with the proof because it's out there.

  3. Keep it up Ray. It seems in just a week and a half's time the uptick in these revelations has increased 10-fold across the web whether it be about his fraudulent claim of citizenship or that of his denial of his moslem faith and hence loyalty to it which in turn taken either one separately or combined making him an enemy of that state and a clear and present danger.

  4. It's all of us, they think by using Alinsky rule for radicals by denigrating and destroying who they call 'birthers' which only offends me since the 911 people are freaks. There's no comparison to being attacked by Islam killing 3000 and 12 of my family's friends and wanting to see this Kenyan Lie Chucker's birth cert.

    Eventually we'll prevail because  the truth is on our side. I used to be a druggie liberal and I know how these losers think more than most of these hardcore conservatives and he's lying his multi racial ass off.


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