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Saturday, June 19, 2010

More of LA's 'Minority Illegal Alien Inc.' at work as we promised the day before Laker Victory...raw video...

Up to 39 arrests and if they could find the people in this video it would be 2000 as we predicted accurately the day before the game here if you missed the after pics here, something anyone not blinded by PC knew would happen.


LA Illegals and MANY BUT NOT ALL of the minorities 'at work' after the so called 'victory'.

This is the only thing most of those people in this video do well.

And being the savages they are you can hear and see them having 'vandalism orgasms' destroying a working persons' livelihood, which ironically enough was likely a Muslim who's probably saving up to blow up the Sears tower with his extra cab money.

YOU NEVER SEE NON MINORITIES EVER DOING THIS SHIT EVER anywhere around the world..... ever.

FIND ONE VIDEO that doesn't include white liberals at a GOA conference and the likes, and I'll cut your grass for a fucking year with a sombrero on.

This is what happens when you let a city be run over by Illegals and unemployed, unmotivated nanny state loving minorities who act like savages whenever the opportunities arise.

WE have LA Riots, Katrina Looting, the Haitian Looting, Rodney King Riots, MLK riots, the Muslim Cartoon riots and believe me, I could go on for 25 minutes enumerating minority violence that's just overlooked time and time again out of PC, in which parts of the major cities still haven't been and won't ever be rebuilt because of this shit.

And who could blame the cities? They destroy their own neighborhoods, then they can live in them. ANd they do and then complain for decades why no one fixes it. See the south and West sides of Chicago, Obama's district 15 for all the evidence one needs of that as areas are still burned out from the King riots 4 decades ago.

"You made the bed, sleep in it, "you rolled it, you smoke it" to use some thug terminology. etc etc

They get what they deserve, and what most deserve is deportation and or imprisonment even if we have to foot the damn bill, it's better than seeing them out of cages to do this.

Animals. Just like Muslims around the world whenever someone draws a freakin cartoon of the Rapist known As Allah. And until the so called 'moderates' speak out and identify the so called radicals they'll all continue to be 'lumped together', into one singular America hating group.

They hate it and that's why their here trying to change it slowly but surely into another Islamic wasteland, and America's urban areas are already lost and have been again for 4 decades..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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