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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

58 Days Waiting, Obama Meets For 'Cup A Coffee' With BP Execs

I'll bet Obama spent more time taking a 'dump' this morning than he did with these people who he hasn't met with nor even talked to once until now.

With all the BS he has to force out of both ends each day, that's at the very least a 20 minute visit twice a day for him.

Contrarily, if I was running this thing for America like I ran printing companies on 2 separate occasions which gives even me more executive experience than Obama, BP would have an office in the White House until it was fixed, in the freaking basement, right between the Cheney Hurricane Machine and Bin Laden's room for you far- lefties reading this. (actually, calling them 'far left' is like the difference between radical and moderate Muslim....there is no difference, just sounds better for the PC afflicted)

POLITICO.com Oil giant BP has agreed to finance a $20 billion escrow fund to pay claims to people who lost income in the Gulf Coast oil spill, an administration source told POLITICO Wednesday.

Lawyer Kenneth Feinberg, who was in charge of payments to families of victims of the 9/11 attacks, will oversee the fund, the source said.

The news came as President Barack Obama finally had his showdown with top executives of BP Wednesday. The White House had announced over the weekend that it would press the company to set up a fund, which would be administered by a third party, to pay what is expected to be billions of dollars in damage claims from people and businesses up and down the Gulf Coast.

It was Obama's first face-to-face meeting with BP CEO Tony Hayward and board chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg, despite his four trips to the Gulf Coast. They met as the White House demands that BP create a third-party administered compensation fund to pay out claims filed by residents and business owners in the region.

The six BP executives arrived at the White House around 10 a.m. and were still inside after noon.

Read more at POLITICO.com

I guess this is all 'above his pay grade' as well which gave me an idea this morning.

Everyone else gets paid for results in this world, how about Obama doesn't collect his check until the people being decimated by this 'never waste a crisis" spill can collect theirs.....which Obama uncovered his 'real' motive for the world to see last night.

I have a much easier time believing this so called 'oil spill' has been allowed to drag on to move Obama's agenda and nothing more than 911 being a set up. Obama doesn't have to do anything but 'act' like he's doing something which is what he's been doing in between golf rounds.

Pretending, in fact he's been doing that since he was elected.

You're gonna tell me we can't plug a pipe a mile down in the ocean? IF they really cared they would just drop a 50 ton block of cement over it and close it up for good, but they're not doing that because BP wants to 'save the plumbing' down there which cost millions and years of work and Obama doesn't mind because he's exploiting it for all it's worth. Period.

By the way...I sent BP a 'stop leak' proposal 2 weeks ago and just got this earlier this morning which I didn't post 'then' because I didn't want anyone stealing it just in case of the remote possibility they did want to use it :

Dear Raymond Felitto III,

We appreciate you submitting your Alternative Response Technology (ART) proposal to the Horizon Support Team. This note is to inform you that we do have your information on record and will be processing it as soon as possible. You will be informed of the disposition of your recommendation following technical review.

Thank you!
Horizon Support Team
That either shows the volume of these they're receiving or they're moving at Obama's pace, because this thing is spilling this morning like I've never seen it, here's a pic of it at 12 noon..

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  1. He needs a fresh cup of shut the f**k up...

  2. I wish these people would just wake the fuck up.


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