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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Landscapers find workers choosing jobless pay | The Age of Obama

Anyone who's ever owned or run a business would be able to see the disincentive it is to keep continuing unemployment benefits, but then again, the people int he Obama administration have never held real jobs nor owned real businesses, including the boy wonder sitting in the Captain's chair first and foremost. 

People asking for deferred start dates for landscaping jobs because it's easier to sit home and collect Obama's extended unemployment than it is to pay for gas, work all day, blow money on bus fare and all the stuff working people do each day. 

One former landscaper, who has been on unemployment for a year, said he will search for work when the benefits expire, but he estimates he earns about $50 to $60 less a week than he would if he were working.

"It's crazy," he said. "They keep doing all of these extensions."

Yea, why should I bother working.....these extensions have been incentive to be unmotivated,  and it's only getting worse each day with this Obama administration and it's 'wussified' nanny state hand outs and welfare.

In a state with the nation's highest jobless rate, landscaping companies are finding some job applicants are rejecting work offers so they can continue collecting unemployment benefits. 

It is unclear whether this trend is affecting other seasonal industries. But the fact that some seasonal landscaping workers choose to stay home and collect a check from the state, rather than work outside for a full week and spend money for gas, taxes and other expenses, raises questions about whether extended unemployment benefits give the jobless an incentive to avoid work. 

Members of the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association "have told me that they have a lot of people applying but that when they actually talk to them, it turns out that they're on unemployment and not looking for work," said Amy Frankmann, the group's executive director. "It is starting to make things difficult."
Heard nothing so far that should come to any surprise to anyone (again) who's ever met a payroll or actually worked in the real world, instead of being payed by the liberal government over the past decades to be "community organizers" and other "non-existent jobs" people today can become president ....not ever working a "single hard day's work".. at that.

Sorry to hurt anyone's feeling's but a " community organizer" is nothing more than an often Union paid "rabblerouser" and that's obviously all this man ever did because he can't even give a speech to 3rd graders without a teleprompter. 

Warning signs of an idiot if we ever saw one. 

We didn't have teleprompters in any debate classes I ever  took.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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