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Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Pakistani caught.. This one flying with electronic circuits concealed in his shoes | Caught By Scanners

No, this man a terrorist, no way I never would have guessed...not...

If I was a TSA person this man would get a Muslim TSA doctor administred anal probe before even walking into an airport with this look

 Just catching the one man made the scanner worth it and proves why they're necessary and privacy issues should be secondary .  This man was obviously making a dry run here to see what could slip past the scanners for future attacks and proves my point all along which is as follows:

It shows why all Muslim males between the ages of 17 and 50  from 911 forward should have been  and should be required to carry a specially issued US MUSLIM SEAL OF APPROVAL passport  to even walk into an airport, and frankly were I president, they'd be banned from around 8 countries sight unseen  until the War against terrorism IS OVER. 

Period, done, end of story Faiz...

That would give the Muslim community at large an opportunity and  incentive to turn in all the radical rogues they "claim" are in their ranks (when many like me think the moderate Muslim is a MSM myth) so the ban would be lifted, otherwise they're all working together. 

That simple. I mean here we have a man with a valid passport who must have some nefarious ties somewhere over in that hell on earth Middle East, and therefore should NEVER even be allowed to fly into this country from any other Muslim country unless they've NEVER ever been arrested for ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

All these rights of the terrorists don't exist, the greater good and common sense says the next 19 hijackers aren't going to be Swedes or  even Americans, real ones. This is overseas but this Muslim you know was headed where else? Here of course


There's no reason why our country should be the only one in the world who's not allowed to pick and choose 

who we want and don't want in this country and there's no pressing need here for middle aged Muslim men. We have no jobs and therefore no need for any Muslim men to be allowed to even emigrate here, No reason whatsoever.

He claims "he bought the shoes at a market" yea sure you did...his terrorist friends are probably paying him well to probe the security and if he gets caught they send in a lawyer to argue it away and pay the fines.
A passenger was detained by airport authorities in Pakistan after electrical circuits and batteries were found in the soles of his tennis shoes, an airport security official said today.

Officials were investigating what the components could be used for and why they were concealed.
Similar materials can be used in the construction of bombs.

Faiz Mohammad was arrested at Karachi's Jinnah International Airport last night, said Munir Ahmed, a spokesman for the airport security force.

The materials were detected by a scanner.

Mr Ahmed said each shoe contained a small circuit connected to two AAA batteries.
Mohammad, a building constructor who was heading for Muscat in Oman, told investigators he bought the shoes from a market in Karachi and had no idea there were circuits hidden inside the soles.
'It is premature to say what was he up to. We are looking into the matter thoroughly,' police official Sohail Faiz said.

It's premature to wonder why his shoe is wired up like a bomb? Are they kidding I hope?

It's a dry run for a damn terror attack, anyone can see that.  And they  also know once you find him the Muslim's will come out of the woodwork to cry "racism racism, you hate Islam -you just hate Muslims " and so on and so on, then the authorities will buckle their knees and off Muhammad will go and he'll be released to go and find himself another way to kill us all because that one won't work.


Mission accomplished.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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