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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Obama leaves WH without press, breaking protocol ( off to a quick drug or booty score perhaps?)

Hey, why else would he kiss off the press? No one else ever did it, and this photo snapped over the Chicago Ghetto's saturday afternoon could explain things a little better...notice the two men on the street underneath Marine One, a little fishy to me! 

Witnesses said a frogman lowered from the helicopter, jumped into the blue car (also in the photo) and quickly returned, only to be raised back into the chopper hurriedly, and off it went.

Some who were questioned thought Obama was finally making his belated yet promised campaign stop back in his home district, since he never went there during the election while he was organizing the community, as you can plainly see the fruits of all his labor in the picture, (and that's no joke, that's where it is!)
Well, here's the "official story" below,  while I'll stick by my illegal alien gardener Manuel's ghetto sources,  who snapped the photo and sold it to him for a six pack of Colt 45! He sold it to me for letting him off trimming around the chain link fence in my back yard to keep the Chicago illegals out. 

He said he was in the neighborhood  picking up some crack himself. ; >)  just kiddin'  folks for readers who don't know me....
Obama leaves WH without press, breaking protocol:

The Associated Press: "WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama quietly breached years of protocol on Saturday morning by leaving the White House without the press with him.

About two hours before reporters were supposed to be in position to leave with the president, Obama left the grounds of the White House.

Members of the press were told he was attending one of his daughter's soccer games in northwest Washington, D.C.   (The picture is cropped by me, Ray, from the corner of  the Drudge Report by the way)
The White House press corps traditionally travels with the president anywhere he goes, inside and outside the country, to report on the president's activities for the benefit of informing the public and for historical record.

After Obama left, a press aide hastily gathered members of the media who happened to be at the White House early or working on other matters. They rushed to a van and left the White House to catch up with the president.

Too late. By the time, the press van appeared to arrive at the president's location, the press was told he was already departing. Time to go back to the White House.

Reporters and photographers didn't have a chance to see him or his vehicle to verify his presence at any location.

Although nobody outside the White House or the press may have noticed, Obama broke years of tradition.

The small press 'pool' that accompanies the president had been told to gather at the White House at 11:30 a.m. He left about 9:20 a.m.

Asked what happened, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said: 'The president decided this morning to attend his daughter's soccer game. The pool was assembled as soon as possible to be there as well.'

Obama eventually left the White House again on Saturday for a round of golf. This time, the press was with him."


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  1. How stupid do they think we are?  Don't answer that!  If the Anointed One had gone to his daughter's game there would have been dozens of pictures from cameras, cell phones, etc already on-line.  No it must be something illegal, immoral or both.  Drugs (He does like the nose candy.), another woman (Shades of Tiger Woods, Jesse Jackson, and Bill Clinton?) or secretly attending the local mosque (Perhaps the real reason for not choosing a local church!?).

    Now you have room to speculate.


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