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Monday, April 12, 2010

Life in the Mob According to "Junior" Gotti | 60 Minutes Videos

Some quick personal history if you're intersted: If not skip down to the videos

My own family came to America spending their earliest years "off the boat"  living in the notorious Hell's kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan New York City which is also known as "Mid Town West", with friends who sponsored them. This area is known as where the American Italian Mob has VERY much influence, and I hate to say it, but it garnered a certain amount of respect back in the day of the early 1900's in the neighborhoods there along with others here in Chicago, which continues to some extent through today.
My Italian great grandfather sent all his children from Italy to America to attend college,  a direct result of his hard and successful work in the wineries there, allowing my grandfather Ray Senior to attend NYU, which was the key to his ultimate success here in America which was great enough to still support his last surviving daughter, my beloved grandmother Santa Felitto,  right through her death at 95 years old just a month ago in Lakeland Florida with her son, my father and his wife by her side.

He was the first of 4 men in my family to ultimately  have earned  Harvard Business School degrees in the 20th century,  enabling them to escape the NYC ghetto's, the mafioso scene which was so ingrained in the community by moving the family up to Greenwich Connecticut. So to conclude and make a long story short, the rest as they say "is history" and here I am today.

"Not a single liberal in the bunch by the way" I thought I should add considering the Northeastern Ivy league history our education.

John GottiThis Gotti family has always been interesting to me and others to say the least. I abhor criminal enterprises as do most law abiding citizens and my family was never connected to the mob directly as far as I've been told,  but must admit my favorite reading and movies to watch are related to this very segment of society,  I guess because of my Italian New York  heritage.

In fact,   the small comune Felitto, located in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of Southwest Italy is actually named after my great great grandfather who's son's story I just told above, which is mostly known for Fusilli which is a kind of handmade pasta, and the yearly Fusillo festival.

So there's some overlap there and it's interesting to me.

One time Gambino family boss John Gotti has a son of the same name and the once notorious Junior engaged in an lengthy interview with Steve Kroft from 60 minutes which left my weekly viewing schedule with the Dan Rathergate BDS episode and slowly I return only for special viewing and having just watched the Masters I continued on watching this. (the entirety of the videos can be seen here)

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Interesting as Martha Mcallum from FOX and some guests discuss the interview and some it's most interesting aspects 

Life in the Mob - Video - FoxNews.com: "April 12, 2010
Life in the Mob  John Gotti Jr. breaks his silence on Gambino crime family"


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