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Monday, April 12, 2010

Golfsmith Promises Free Drivers If Phil Mickelson Wins Masters. Well, It's Payback Time!

This is interesting now that Phil Mickelson actually won yesterday, Golfsmith will be refunding the money to customers who bought a certain Callaway driver (think Big Bertha drivers) would be eligible for the refund if Mickelson won the Masters.

Well get out your receipts and Golfsmith is getting out it's checkbook this morning and I'm cashing in because I bought my little bro one of these on his birthday March 10th when the giveaway started, so I'm one of the lucky ones for once!!

Thanks Phil for smackin' down the "Tiger Woods" show and winning one for him and his wife who's been ill.

We can re use that cash alright, a couple beaner's.

SB Nation: "Golfsmith, the golf supply megastore, recently held a promotion in conjunction with Callaway Golf: certain Callaway drivers would be free if Phil Mickelson won the Masters. We don't know if you heard--there wasn't much media attention around the Masters this year or anything--but that's indeed exactly what happened. Golf clubs for everyone, right? Well, according to Waggle Room, sorta:

Prior to the Masters, golf retailer Golfsmith offered a contest in conjunction with Callaway Golf that would give away thousands of drivers to contestant entrants if Phil Mickelson won his third green jacket. Customers that purchased specific Callaway Golf drivers between March 10 through April 7 - the day before the tournament - would have their full purchase refunded if Mickelson won on Sunday."


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  1. Congrats, Ray. I'm glad you get to take advantage of this.
    I actually had on the Masters all day in the Living Room.  My Channel 2 doesn't work in the kitchen.
    I found it very soothing to watch the lovely green atmosphere, hear the dulcet tones of the announcer, and
    the chirping birdies.  Then, towards the last few hours, I went in and sat down and relaxed.
    Phil showed what a class act he was, I was totally rooting for him.  When he won and embraced his sick wife,
    and you see the GENUINE love and emotions for her and her health struggles, I cried too!  I'm such a softie, hee hee.

    I hope we can forget about the loser tiger, and his potty mouth and worse, and focus the game of Golf on
    true Gentlemen who are a much better example.  Phil brings his whole family to the Masters, tiger slinks off alone, I hope he "re-evalualates" a long time.

  2. I've been watching and playing golf all my life, my pops is a PGA pro in Florida when he's not selling Real Estate and joined the Senior tour after retiring at 55 from business as a CEO of Pet Inc.  So I've been around it all my life and loved to play myself until I became crippled but now that I'm walking again I'm gonna try and play this summer a little little bit to test the waters. 

    I watch it on TV  for the same things you said, the peacefulness and the serenity to take a break from the normal noise we're all surrounded by all day.  I've never been a TIger Fan as I always thought his father who was a great man and veteran was living through his son, and remarkably but not surprisingly all Tiger's troubles started when his dad died, not around to keep his ass in line.  I hope he gets back on his feet and plays the game and leaves the other stuff in the clubhouse.   I'll tell you though he's not the only one out there cheating on the tour.

    Thanks and have a good week ahead bunni :)


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