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Monday, April 12, 2010

Kenyan official: Yes, Obama WAS born here

Interesting on the "Obama Birth Cert front:
Kenyan official: Obama born here: "A Kenyan lawmaker told the nation's parliament last month that Barack Obama was born in Africa and is therefore 'not even a native American.'

During debate over the draft of a new Kenyan constitution, James Orengo, the country's minister of lands and a member of parliament for the Ugenya constituency, cited America's election of a Kenyan-born president as an example of what can be accomplished when diverse peoples unite:

'If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation,' Orengo posited, 'how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the president of America?'

Orengo held up the U.S. as a country no longer 'living in the past,' since Americans elected a Kenyan-born president without regard to 'ethnic consideration and objectives.'

A new strategy has been unveiled to demand answers to Obama's eligibility questions. See how you can help.

Debate is then recorded in the Kenyan government's official March 25, 2010, hansard – a traditional name for printed transcripts of a parliamentary debate – as continuing with no other MPs mentioning or attempting to correct Orengo's comments about Obama.

So what are all the pathological "birther haters" gonna come up with to explain away these interesting developments? Same old bull different day I'm sure from them protecting their mistakenly elected fraud that they can't admit lies more than a Persian rug.

A man who apparently doesn't even know his own heritage, and my educated guess has always been  that the hole in his "biography" results from his communist leaning Muslim loving mother who chased Obama's drunken stumble bum of a father (who died drunk driving) half way around the world,  while dumping little Muslim born Barry to live with her parents simply lied to him so he wouldn't be confused about his origins.
Which is entirely reasonable and now that he's stonewalled so long he can't tell the truth about it, which isn't that nefarious really if I'm correct. Which I really think I am and it will eventually become common lore at some point that this man was indeed Kenyan Born.

It's not his fault,  he was just a baby, he wouldn't know if they lied to him.

Simple as that. She or he never knew one day a generation of Americans would be fucking stupid enough to elect this average Hussein, who happened to be HER kid which sadly obviously didn't really want,  (as  she seeked out the love and approval of Muslim men who didn't love her who only wanted some white bread on their plate)  president of the United States without knowing JACK SHIT about him! 


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Good Post!! The Coverup-in-Chief is hiding a lot of shit from his past. You made an excellent point!! -- That Barry may have been lied to by his grandparents. Well, at least then his deceiving the American people wouldn't have been done on purpose.

  2. Ray:  We can have a Kenyan birth certificate, even video of Obama's birth in a Kenyan hospital, and a piece of Kenyan dirt in the Obama family scrap book and it would not matter.  The courts will not touch it, the government would not touch it, and almost half of the American voters would not touch it.  It is a sad state of affairs.

  3. True but I'll keep posting it anyways just in case. I believe it to be true and I know I'm not a nut, I've been checked out..lol  They're the nuts and Obama's one dangerous MOFO.

  4. Thank you ;)

  5. Thank you too :)    I really believe my little scenario, it covers everyone's asses and would actually be acceptable to me if he'd just admit it. But perhaps they do it just like everyone says, to make us out to be nuts, but if he actually was born there and is still lying than he's the nut no matter how it's sliced right?

    That be da way I be seein it yo Barry O....  lol ;)


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