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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Weekend of Ronald Reagan Videos and Golf

While catching the Master's over the weekend I also watched some Reagan movies and bio's  along with reading a great book called the "Crusader", which details Reagan's lifelong battle against communism. Essentially a one man communist wrecking crew all the way from the Screen Actors Guild to the Berlin Wall to the Soviet Union and back, if we can only make it through the hiring of the first "Socialist president" elected in America.

And man do we need him or his second coming more than ever, and that was my very reason for reviewing all this material which I've seen and read before. But if you want to spend a weekend learning all about his brave fight against the communists which can be likened to today's Tea Party folks who see Marxism in today's president these three bio's will do the job.

I wanted a better feel for what I think Reagan would do about Muslim extremists and the Obama Far Left Lurch towards Marxism he fought his entire life right here in his beloved country,  twice occupying our oval office to make it even worse than he himself could have ever  imagined 6 years after his death.

Again the book Crusader isn't a "Times best seller" but it's a great insight. Buy it here for a couple bucks.

I also bought Biography's Ronald Reagan: A Legacy Remembered, which was also great although one must tolerate his annoying son Ronald, who doesn't anchor the thing, but obviously offers all his experiences with his beloved father as does the more tolerable and patriotic conservative Michael, the adopted son of Reagan and his first wife. 

At an hour and a half it was just long enough and I'm glad I bought it 'cause I'll check it out again and again, I've seen it a couple times, not to mention living through it all of course lol He also shared a February birthday with my maternal grandfather who loved Reagan and lived til' April 19th, 1995 which itself is an notorious day in our history. (Think OK City Bombing, Ruby Ridge, etc)

This little ten minute thing is essentially the Biography one done in good old liberal PBS fashion but it's worth a look as well. It's part of a Communists in Hollywood thing I also watched in conjunction with this other stuff and it can watched and found at the link below. 

American Experience . The Presidents . Ronald Reagan Video | The Presidents | American Experience | PBS: "Communists in Hollywood (9:43)

..........seen here in a meeting upon his election to the Board of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild in 1941, serving as an alternate. Following World War II, he resumed service and became 3rd Vice president in 1946. Reagan, an active anti-Communist, ends his first marriage. He meets and marries actress Nancy Davis."
Check those three great easy to digest resources out on the the "great communicator" perhaps our finest president at least in the modern era and be armed against any liberal you'll encounter in our present ideological battle as to why Obama will go down as one of if not America's worst president in her short but glorious history.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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