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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gates Warns U.S. Lacks Strategy on Iran Nukes (just like in 2007, in 2008, in 2009, etc)

This post is about what Defense Secretary Gates had to say about Iran and it's nukes according to a report released by the New York Times regarding a letter sent to scold Obama and friends on their Iran Policy back in January!!

So I've posted some other pertinent stuff, videos of what Gates said in 2007,  last weekend on Meet the 5th Column I mean Meet the press along with Bob Sheiffer,  and then finally what the Times is saying he said in their paper today posted from Fox news

First Gates in 2007.

Sounds about the same to me, back 4 years ago, 4 freakin years, and nothing has changed, NADA except Iran is now a mushroom cloud away from accomplishing what they would have if we didn't hear about all this until this morning for the first time, a whole lotta 4 years of NOTHING.

This is what Gates said last week on Bob Sheiffer's Special Report or whatever they're calling it this week....

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Even more comical is that now the "Boy wonder in chief" acts as if he's the first person to discover the Iran nuclear proliferation issue, and is going backwards to re cover the same crap that's already failed four or five times (see Saddam). It's just that he's so full of himself he thinks it's a different plan than before because something new is in the equation, and that is what of course?


Fact of the matter is, this is all he knows how to do to this country he's proved over and over again most recently by mocking half of the country who's against what he's done to the country and continues to do to it acting as if he was only elected to represent what liberals want and need.

Meanwhile he plays tail sniffing lap dog to Iran just like the rest of the world, and frankly if Iran takes them out one day, they only have themselves to blame, and the same goes for us.

Gates Warns U.S. Lacks Strategy on Iran Nukes 

FOXNews.com: "WASHINGTON — A memo from Defense Secretary Robert Gates to the White House warned that the United States lacks a nimble long-term plan for dealing with Iran's nuclear program, according to a published report.

Gates wrote the three-page memo in January and it set off efforts in the Pentagon, White House and intelligence agencies to come up with new options, including the use of the military, The New York Times said in its Sunday editions, quoting unnamed government officials.

White House officials Saturday night strongly disagreed with the comments that the memo caused a reconsideration of the administration's approach to Iran.

'It is absolutely false that any memo touched off a reassessment of our options,' National Security Council spokesman Benjamin Rhodes told The Associated Press. 'This administration has been planning for all contingencies regarding Iran for many months.'

One senior official described the memo as 'a wake-up call,' the paper reported. But the recipient of the document, Gen. James Jones, President Barack Obama
's national security adviser, told the newspaper in an interview that the administration has a plan that 'anticipates the full range of contingencies.'

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell, who did not confirm the memo Saturday night, said the White House has reviewed many Iran options.

'The secretary believes the president and his national security team have spent an extraordinary amount of time and effort considering and preparing for the full range of contingencies with respect to Iran,' Morrell said.

The U.S. is pressing for new international sanctions against Iran. The memo contemplates a situation in which sanctions and diplomacy fail to dissuade Iran from pursuing nuclear capability, the Times said.

Obama set a deadline of the end of 2009 for Iran to respond to his offer of dialogue to resolve concerns about Iran's accelerated nuclear development.

Iran spurned the offer, and since then the administration has pursued what it calls the 'pressure track,' a combination of stepped-up military activity in Iran's neighborhood and a hard push for a new round of international sanctions that would pinch Iran economically.

Gates and other senior members of the administration have issued increasingly stern warnings to Iran that its nuclear program is costing it friends and options worldwide, while sticking to the long-held view that a U.S. or Israeli military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities would be counterproductive.

Obama and other administration figures have drawn a line that says Iran will not be allowed to become a nuclear state, but they have not spelled out what the United States would do if Iran gained the ability to produce a weapon but does not actually field one.

Four senior administration officials told Congress last week that Iran is perhaps a year away from being able to build a weapon but that it would take two- to five additional years to turn the device into an effective weapon that could be launched against an enemy.

Iran claims its nuclear program is intended for energy production, not a weapon.

'All we really know is that Iran is widening and deepening its nuclear weapons capabilities, David Albright, founder and president of the Institute for Science and International Security, told the AP. 'We don't have any insight into what they're thinking about doing — whether they'll just live with a nuclear weapons capability which will probably include learning more about nuclear weapons themselves, or they'll actually build them.'"


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. It's all Bush's fault!!!

  2. Absolutely, although they better come up with something better this time which we know they can't . It's either bash bush or blood bath/

  3. This is Obama's plan.  Let Iran get nukes, let Iran use them on Israel, giving that nation a mortal blow, then cry crocodile tears as the Monkeyman solved his Palestinian Problem for him.

    Iranian Threat


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