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Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Ugly brawl mars Jake Shields' win, embarrasses MMA" | It does that all on it's own

Cagewriter - UFC Blog - Yahoo! Sports: "Jake Shields defended his Strikeforce middleweight title belt on Saturday night, beating UFC veteran Dan Henderson in five rounds, but the fighting did not end when the bell rang.

As Shields was being interviewed for the CBS viewing audience, Jason 'Mayhem' Miller interrupted him, asking for a rematch. Shields' teammate, Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez, took offense to Miller stealing Shields' big moment, and pushed Miller. Shields and Melendez's teammates got in on the action. Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz and his brother, UFC fighter Nate Diaz, were both seen fighting Miller as CBS announcer Gus Johnson tried to end the fight by yelling, 'Gentlemen, we're on national television.'

Once the brawl broke up, Shields apologized, saying that this was out of character. Shields is known as a mild-mannered man out of the cage, and as he didn't instigate the melee, he doesn't deserve much of the blame.

But that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of blame to go around. Miller shouldn't have interrupted Shields' as he celebrated defeating one of his heroes in MMA."

 If they had it when I was a kid I probably would have loved it too which accentuates exactly why it's no good for kids any way you slice it.

I'm a man's man through and though in the old time macho male sense but I just don't get this bloodsport MMA crap, yet I form my opinions on fact unlike liberals who consume half facts by sound bites.

So I actually watched it for the first time last night just to see what it was all about for myself, and that above was what I saw, which is why I didn't watch it in the first place, I don't need a PHD to know what's popular amongst Americans, that doesn't mean I follow the crowd, because I don't and never will.

For the record I don't watch boxing or wrestling either. Not for me, in fact the last time I was interested in wrestling Ric Flair was 19 years old, back when I was 9.

I'm a gun owner and range visitor monthly, as well as a former hunter even owning a purebread, Tennessee cross-creek hunting beagle named Pistol,being a "former" hunter only because of the required walking involved, which being crippled from MS although better than ever now, I still can't resume doing but will try this fall, (although I had the idea of hunting with Golf carts on a range type hunting facility for the disabled but financial no takers)  and I absolutely love martial arts (not the goofy movies, the real thing), but I don't consider this anything close to it, even though they bill themselves as such.

In fact were not one  dead, I'm pretty sure these true martial artists would agree with me on this, as  American football and NHL hockey are violent enough for me thank you at this age of 45 where I've outgrown  "rasslin' " and the likes. 

 cropped this pic of Bruce Lee and his student Norris
|from a clip on Youtube
taken from Bruce Lee's "Way of the Dragon

In fact Chuck Norris once said this about the MMA craze, which I Googled after writing the previous section not planning to do anything but put the picture of him and Bruce Lee, honestly.  He had a version of this "knock down drag out" style but stand up Karate which looks as if it's defunct nowas all links to it's old website are attack sites now.

Norris has taken on the heavyweights of the entertainment martial arts industry by investing $6 million in his made-for-television World Combat League. But after one season, his team-based karate concept is battling modest viewership.......
.... but this MMA crap is more REAL violence than children or adults in America need today, you can find it for real all over the streets and this is why. 


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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