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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tea Partiers are boiling mad in Illinois as local MSM takes note / InfilTraitors and more

This is in the Chicago Sun Times today, (a website of which you can see this very blog featured quite often, usually couple times a week, in fact, here's a recent post) as the Tea Party grows throughout Illinois we're going to make sure Springfield gets cleaned from one to the other this November

And rural voters will be out in "droves" this time around as they find their voices in the movement, who's votes and voices are usually canceled out by all the "noise" coming from  illegal and minority filled  democratic Chicago proper,  where they have the run of the place except for Michigan Avenue and the near north side for the most part, thereby turning Illinois a choking Blue.

And that also means we'll be "reupholstering" Obama's contaminated Senate seat,  the one  that he barely sat in long enough to fart in  (seeing he's so full of sh** all the time) before running for president, which of course the world now knows the dimwit dumbass democrat Governor, Hot Rod Blagojevich, decided to use to try to "cash in his lotto ticket" as well as position himself for a better job and a little payoff while the "ball was in his court".

That's a whale of a media circus trial which is up around the corner, and will take place all summer  which will eat the headlines up for the lazy media who won't report anything that doesn't fall in their laps anymore, and will sway the state and then the country Red once again with the  Tea Party momentum blowing our way, as they see the full barrel of slime dumped out for the voters to re-live what dems do with the privilege they are bestowed with by voters (at least liberal ones for now)  that they think somehow they're owed this honor.

Without a doubt the Tea Party folks are going to be this years "kingmakers" as long as none of us kills a liberal at a rally or chokes one to death along the way, as there's no righty politicians in DC with any power to fu** anything up, as we take our state and then country back from the Marxist liberals.

 Nadine ****** shows her support during a Tea Party rally at the Daley Plaza on Thursday.(they had her last name in the Sun Times but I took it out because I don't want some harassing nutty loons to get it from my blog because you know they're out there. Just look what they did to the elderly prop 8 supporter and others, remember her crime? Voting against Momo marriage which was already struck down once, that's what. They'll stop at nothing, except my door and other mad independent white men where they'll get a handful they can't handle..)

Tea Partiers are boiling mad in Illinois
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Politics: "Sally Sinacore, a retired paralegal from Palatine, came to the Daley Plaza Tea Party rally wrapped in an American flag that had draped the coffin of her father, a World War II veteran.

'I'm here because I want us to become fiscally more conservative. We cannot take this heavy spending any longer,' the 73-year-old woman said. 'This is my country, and I love it to death.'

At a recent Tea Party rally in Springfield, retired state worker Ed White held a homemade sign with this handwritten message:

'Constitution strictly. Remove all pinkos, Marxists. Down with progressive liberals who raise taxes, drain the treasury and steal our freedoms.'

'The truth of it is,' the former, 69-year-old state worker and ex-Republican said, 'I'm fed up.'

These two faces represent the fledgling Tea Party movement in Illinois. It is driven by disdain for deficit-riddled government, a love for Fox Television personality Glenn Beck and a hatred of President Obama, who ascended to the White House last year with 3.3 million Illinois votes.

The Tea Partiers have drawn significant positive attention in a media that many believe is against them. About 2,000 crowded Daley Plaza on Thursday to commemorate -- or curse -- the day when Americans' federal tax bills were due. Smaller rallies occurred in Naperville, Joliet and a handful of other Chicago area towns.
'People I'd hire'

The Tea Party movement has drawn comparisons to H. Ross Perot's Reform Party movement, which netted Perot more than 840,000 Illinois votes in the 1992 presidential election and was driven by disillusionment with the organized political parties."

The infiltrator problem has partially been shelved as one of it's founders or what have you was exposed this week slithering out of his mom and dad's basement and as a teacher may find himself looking for a teaching job in Cuba if the Union there can be tamed a couple hours to kick him to the curb.

That doesn't mean others aren't out there waiting to step into the role of asshole and there's one in the video below along with some patriots and their views on subversive leftists...

From Politico


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Why they have to publish her full name, I"ll never know.  Good Job, Ray!
    I STILL have to do my post, I've been reading everything out there and trying to find a video
    w/ my friend on it, w/no luck.  Hopefully later today.

    I was disgusted how the lamestream shitcago media didn't report fully on this.
    At least the got the numbers of those attending right!

  2. "shitcago"  That's great, I can't believe I didn't think of that one before!!  That about covers it nowadays. It's turned into an illegal filled hellhole and I would say the same thing if they were all Italian, or Russian or whatever the hell nationality they are, my relatives lived in New York's hell's kitchen and still do everytime a Mafia movie is made, or some idiot filled show with a bunch of "guido's" like Jersey shore comes along,  and took their lumps becoming accepted here too and I'm sick of all the Mexican's acting like the whole world's against them, they have no concept of following rule of law because the first thing they do is beak the biggest one you'd think.

    Or what really pisses me off is when someone says  "they're hard workers" I worked my ass off too all my life and still do but I'm crippled,  so I hate hearing all their excuses for pissing all over our rule of law, as we Americans  get arrested for rolling stop signs and dumb shit like that ya know?

  3. maggiesnotebookSunday, April 18, 2010

    Wow! Great post and terrific video. I love the pest control, and that poor old lefty couldn't get a thing going. I am so glad to hear that Chicago and surrounds are going to help drum these people out of office.

    BTW, for some reason I couldn't login at Chronicles. I have my password, etc., but couldn't get in. I wanted to tell you I really liked Kass' suggestion. With that and term limits, we would have our country back again.

  4. I think I answered this in an email kinda I cant remember but I switched the comments and for the last time but it will be  real easy to comment now for good but you have to re register under Wordpress instead of Intense debate....I hope we're drummin' em out. It's starting to look good in that sense I believe for anyboby but dems this time instead of the Anything but Bush republicans...they're missing them now ...  lol


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