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Thursday, April 8, 2010

City workers beat red-light cameras : "Scam City" USA As Libs Find "Funding From the Heavens"

 And like the taxes they raise but don't pay (Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle, et al) the connected liberal loons in the city are getting a free ride while the citizenry gets screwed paying these hidden "taxes and fees" while they piss away our money like a drunk after a case of Old Style.

This shouldn't come as any surprise that Chicago city employees having been getting a break on these unconstitutional red light camera's that generated 58 freakin million dollars last year for "the city that works ..........for the connected" while we citizens get the vaunted 58 million dollar shaft.

Nearly 70 percent of the red-light camera tickets issued to city vehicles over the last three years have been dismissed, records show.

These cameras are the biggest fraud to come along since global warming, and are nothing more than revenue builders for cities that can't control their liberal loon budgets, as they continue to hand out "nanny state crap" left and right which no one can afford yet they continue to try, and we all foot the bill no matter what the freaking case as they come up with schemes like this to milk more money out of us all without raising taxes.

Like we're all morons and can't see what the **** their doing here with these things. It's like crack for these municipalities when they see all this "free money" coming in by the millions, and it's a liberal loon dream to finance all their bullshit without asking the taxpayers for the money.

Many of we citizens around this country have had enough of these things frankly, as I myself got one here in my local township,  but got it dismissed with a bunch of others, because they hadn't installed the sign yet at the intersection in question.

Oh, but they were happily handing out the tickets for a week or so without it which doubles or I'm betting triple's their take initially.

I think every city does that at the beginning of the program so they can collect 5 times the money for the first months, as people get used to the timing of these things.

Timing of which can be switched at a moments notice by the way, which they do from time to time I'm betting, so as to nab the "likely offenders" a second time at the same intersection using their previous ticket against them.

Some cities have been caught tampering with these to increase profit you can read here.

For that reason alone these things should be deemed illegal and shut down with all the ticket recipients having their money refunded.

Privacy lawyers are working on that although difficulty arises because of the argument that "driving is a privilege, which keeps it from being ruled "unconstitutional", because driving isn't a "right" but again a "privilege". This is the same reason you must consent to a sobriety test on demand in most states,  which, by the way, cops and the connected also skirt far too often, while the rest of us get the Chicago Daley shaft.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: City Hall: "Chicago's Big Brother network of red-light cameras has turned into a money machine for the city, generating $58 million in annual revenue in 2009.

The same cannot be said for city employees caught by the cameras in the act of running red lights. Nearly 70 percent of their tickets get dismissed.

Nearly 70 percent of the red-light camera tickets issued to city vehicles over the last three years have been dismissed, records show.

Since January 2007, 2,685 red-light-camera tickets have been issued to vehicles registered to city departments. At $100 a pop, that should have generated $268,500. Instead, only $77,167 has been collected.

A whopping 1,830 of those tickets were dismissed for reasons that include the municipal code exemption for emergency vehicles. Not all of those vehicles were responding to emergencies with lights flashing and sirens blaring. Some police vehicles were working undercover. Some were vehicles assigned to city departments not typically considered emergency departments."  continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. You know how it is, Ray. In a country in which more people work for some criminal organization, I mean form of government, than don't: if you're not connected, you're ... who are you again?

  2. And to thinkl that the dimwit nimrods who voted him into office actually thought "Hope and Change" was going to be something good from a dumb assed half breed who's never held a half decent job out in the real world. They're the ones who scare me, as we're walking around with these morons every day somewhere someplace when they're not even smart enough to punch their way out of their own mother's wombs. (the ones that aren't executed in the womb that is.)


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