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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Diplomat was to meet jailed Al Queda terrorist !!

This Quatarian SOB was here VISITING AL QUEDA TERRORISTS when he made the decision to have a smoke in a first class bathroom, and to then joke "he was trying to light his shoe on fire" causing a worldwide incident to occur was more than "out of line".

I don't know about you folks, but I for one am damn furious over this, and the fact that our damn government actually lets Muslims visit KILLER TERRORIST Muslims from Al Queda who are being incarcerated in this country, and that  this person would mock and flaunt "terrorism laws an rules" in place because of 911 makes my ears smoke with anger.

I just can't even believe they're allowed visitors in the first place outside of an attorney,  and especially people with "diplomatic immunity" like this asshole and a half who one would think has nothing in the world to do with a terrorist which is obviously not the case, and to actually be visiting him from half way around the world is a bit troubling to say the least.

This man could bring an Al Queda terrorist all kinds of things using his diplomatic pouch as a "no go zone" for any authorities he encountered in his little meeting, and a complete and verifiable reason as to why he was visiting him in the first place,  along with a big Muslim written Quatar check for the airline fuel he caused to be wasted by our military would be on my "things for him to do" list before he left DC the second time.

Quatar Embassy where the idiot causing a UA flight to be misdirected and escorted by 2 expensive to fly military jets just for this.

This man is an asshole if you asked me,  and is quite typical of the attitude of  most Muslims in this country who are here to make money and play along nicely (all an act by the way) while the extremists try bringing down the country their way, the others are  here setting up shop in local businesses and government  just in case that day eventually comes when they try and take over the US from the inside out.

 Qatari Diplomat's Midair Scare Cost Taxpayers Thousands
AP sources: Diplomat was to meet jailed terrorist: ") - A Qatari diplomat was on his way to an official visit with an imprisoned al-Qaida sleeper agent when he touched off a bomb scare by slipping into an airline bathroom for a smoke, officials said Thursday as the diplomat prepared to leave the U.S.

The diplomat, Mohammed Al-Madadi was going to meet Ali Al-Marri in prison, according to a State Department official and another person close to the matter. Al-Marri, a citizen of Qatar, is serving eight years in prison after pleading guilty last year to conspiring to support terrorism.

Al-Marri was arrested after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, accused of being a sleeper agent researching poisonous gasses and plotting a cyberattack.

Consular officials frequently visit foreigners held in the United States to make sure they are being treated well.

The purpose of his visit raises further questions about Al-Madadi's behavior, such as why someone familiar with terrorism cases would apparently flaunt airline security rules. Law enforcement officials said Al-Madadi later joked that he had been trying to light his shoe—an apparent reference to the 2001 so-called shoe bomber, Richard Reid.

The people who discussed the case did so on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.

No explosives were found on the plane and authorities said they don't think Al-Madadi was trying to hurt anyone during Wednesday's scare. He enjoys diplomatic immunity from U.S. prosecution and will not be criminally charged, authorities said.

The State Department official said Qatar had not yet informed the administration how it will handle the case but has assured the U.S. that Al-Madadi will leave the country. U.S. officials expect that to happen later Thursday or Friday."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. He is a typical inbred arrogant Middle Easterner who thinks he is too good to follow the rules us commoners have to follow.
    I can't complain about diplomatic immunity;  it's gotten me out of more than one jam...

  2. Intellectual Muslims drive me batty because as soon as the camera's are off so are the checks to Al Queda. I'm one of these people who believe they're all here to aid in the future takeover of the nation from within and people can call me what they will. Just call me in 10  years when it's coming true...... especially if this Muslim born president gets a second term in some miraculous turnaround from now.


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