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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blackhawks At Home Force and Win Game 5 Sudden Death at the Madhouse on Madison 5-4 / Lead series 3-2

Great game we're watching this afternoon myself and a couple neighbors,  and at first it looked as if the Hawks were gonna run away with it jumping to a 3-1 lead at one point of the game, but then dropped a few goals to the Predators giving them a 1 goal lead.

Then with just a few seconds to go tying it up by notching a "Hail Mary" which was  scored by  Chicago star Patrick Kane, locking the game at 4, and sending it into hockey's version of "Sudden death"

Which starts with a 4th period added on the regulation 3, translating into 60 minutes of ice time "plus",  if no  one scores, which takes the energy out of even the best conditioned athletes, as anyone who's skated in any kind of hockey game can attest. Brutal

If neither team scores during this period, the teams use a penalty-shot shootout, consisting of three players in the NHL or five players in the minor leagues (AHL, ECHL, UHL, Central), to determine the winner. In the NHL, if no team wins this shootout, a 1-by-1, sudden-death shootout ensues. No player may shoot twice until every non-goaltender on the bench has taken a shot.

During championship playoffs, however, all games are played to a conclusion resulting in a victory for one team and a loss for the other. These are true sudden-death games, which have gone on into as many as six additional full 20-minute periods with five players, instead of the five-minute period with four players.
 Anyhow at the quarter way mark through the Sudden Death the Hawk's Marion Hossa, one of their top stars, put the Predators to death and took game 5 at home, sending the Hawks fans into pandemonium as all of a sudden this team is looking like it did throughout the year's regular season.

Western Conference logo, circa 2006And that's good news for them and bad news for the teams in their way, as they finished the season at the top of their Western Conference division, even exiling the perrennial Hawk slayers up in Detroit as you can see here in this season's closing standings.

That leaves the Hawks up in the series 3 games to 2 and could let them wrap up  the series, moving to the next round of the Stanley Cup playoffs if they can win on Monday at 7pm in Nashville, which isn't the end as they'll head back for a supergame seven where tickets from here on out are gonna be hard to come by and  1/3 of the national debt for a family  of four. 

Tonight 2 primo "glass" tickets being sold legally at Ticketmaster online for a game 7 at home if they lose Monsay were going for $8000 for the pair.  Don't believe me? Look for yourself.

That's brutal considering there's 2 more rounds to go. Season ticket holders can pay their kid's college tuition if the Hawks go all the way to the Stanley Cup.

Because they know darn well as do many here that the REAL Hawks fans "to the core" will sell their girlfriends or wives if still  have them to go to that series.  That is unless they go with him if there's room in the trunk (*lol) with the buddies up in the front seats, and give up that "Hawaiian vacation"  to pay for it all  "at those prices"  which they were planning, because it may never happen again in this lifetime in this city.

Particularly since Obama's sinking the country faster than the Titanic sunk.  Which by the way  reminds me now that they're looking like they'll be hopefully advancing, Obama was never A HAWKS FAN,  and as a matter of fact "despises"  the all white NHL hockey league.

So should you hear him jump on the bandwagon in the coming weeks,  come back here and I'll set everyone straight on that bullshit.

You read it here first..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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