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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another state considers Arizona eligibility plan | Join The Close the Border Bandwagon Now

You can hear Obama's incendiary remarks against Arizona  at the 1:00 minute mark, where he admits the government has fallen down on this issue for decades as does the governor herself. And this sends a message they hear all of a sudden....

"We're NOT taking their BS ANYMORE" We run this country, and they'll never forget it again after the "Voting booth massacre" coming for them all in November.

In fact, the democrats are the ones who have fomented this nasty political environment due to their ignoring the will of the people over and over, and particularly Obama, who 49% and now over 50% didn't even vote for this man, and they are going to pay.

While he's the president he somehow thinks he was elected King of the world, and that stops now.

In the meantime until they can be removed in November, including Obama, this is treatment they get from us.

The same thing they've done to us all over this once great land turned "third world Tax Free PAID rest stop"..
WorldNet Daily: "Another state has begun considering a law like an Arizona plan approved by the state House there that would require presidential candidates to document their eligibility before being allowed on the election ballot.

Georgia Rep. Mark Hatfield, part of a coalition in his state supporting new election requirements, says it's really the responsibility of members of Congress to make sure a foreign-born individual or dual citizen isn't installed in the White House.

But he said without the leadership in Washington necessary to do that, it is up to states to tackle the issue. Arizona's plan is closest to adoption, awaiting only approval from the state Senate.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Oklahoma also has pending in a legislative committee a referendum that could be put before voters.

The organization says during 2009, various plans to require documentation from presidential candidates were considered in Maine, Oklahoma, Missouri and Montana but were not adopted.

See the movie Obama does not want you to see: Own the DVD that probes this unprecedented presidential eligibility mystery!

But that track record is not at all unusual for controversial issues such as a requirement for documentation for a presidential candidate's eligibility.

The NCSL records also show that other election proposals were considered that were much more vague about whether they would apply to presidential candidates or not.

'If Congress was being responsible about this, Congress would step in and enact reasonable requirements,' Hatfield said today in an interview on the G. Gordon Liddy show, where WorldNetDaily CEO Joseph Farah was filling in behind the microphone.  continued
threw this together this morning.....

This is what happens when the feds jerk the states around as they have since Reagan, who did the one  and only "bad thing for Americans" in this man's opinion at least while he was in office. And that was setting this precedent for amnesty, that all these pushy, and most times outright offensive illegal alien's  are "demanding" not "begging or at least asking"  from this country as they should be.

As if we born in this country our fathers and mothers built owe any of them a GOSH DAMN THING !

Personally, since that ill advised May day march a couple years ago, I'll never ever accept amnesty for anyone around the world for economic reasons.EVER.

We don't have to share anything with anyone if we choose to so, and frankly,  I'm tired of the country being denigrated and shredded by third world dumps called countries who are beneath us in all categories, due to their own government corruption and neglect,  including CHARITY. 

We do that on our own more than all the countries of the world combined.  And they day the legislate it with an Amnesty reward because of pressure from people who don't even belong inside the country is the day United States of America is done.

It'll become the "Baltic States Of America" and the liberal ones are already insolvent to start if we had a civil war today based on "red state blue state".  Not to mention "we're armed to the hilt" and they're armed with "condoms and bongs".

We should ONLY approve Amnesty for people who are suffering political persecution, not people who want to steal their piece of our Apple Pie.

I'm sick of it, and obviously so most Americans red or blue,  as are the state governments becoming  one by one.

And while it most certainly be challenged in courts, ( so is the freakin pledge of allegiance) it will keep the illegals at bay south of the border and make the ones here consider returning home and coming here the right, legal, and moral way as if most of the countries of today's world even know what morality is and even means.

I say to them "I'll be looking at their states to move in the next year" to spend my hard earned money, since my city is an illegal alien sanctuary, as American's here can't even get jobs now because of this problem. Particularly all the teens and minorities who did all these jobs before Americans got lazy and started feeding the beast by not cutting their own grass and that's where it all grew from..

"No Amnesty now or ever" should be the answer from the American government, but not  with the Halfrican UN rep who cares about everyone but "Tax Paying Legal Working Americans", and we're not gonna be pushed around any longer.

Furthermore, his browbeating of Americans is what moved the government of Arizona to tell him to "bite one buddy" yesterday by the Governor signing the bill, and now Georgia is following suit.

In closing all I can plea is "Don't trust this man to stand for us",  because he's proved beyond a reasonable doubt he's an outright enemy of the wealthy who pay all taxes he want's to implement,  and particularly the almost NOW powerless middle class of America who they raped dry in October of 2008.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. As the son of LEGAL immigrants who had to jump hoops for the right to enter this country, I support this law.  Detractors use the race issue to argue agasinst this law.  As a so called "minority", I do not see it that way.  What I see is a law thet merely says "enforce the law."  This is not a race issue, but a sovereignty issue.  I hope Texas, and other enlightened states follow Arizona's example. 

  2. With you there completely Robo as mine did the very same thing and we fight for them and our founders to keep this country the way they gave it to us and we intend to do so. This has empowered us now to take the offensive against these ILLEGAL ALIENS and the people who are in line like white men can continue to come to the best country in the world. Fuck the rest.

  3. thanks for the RT

  4. Thanks Margie and have nice peaceful Sunday and week ahead.


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