> Obama Regime Report < Obama Regime Report: 6 dead, at least 11 wounded in night of shootings in Obama And Daley's Chicago....

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Friday, April 16, 2010

6 dead, at least 11 wounded in night of shootings in Obama And Daley's Chicago....

 Don't liberals do a wonderful job of running cities and states not to mention the government down in DC?

Yea sure they do, right into the ground.

The story of 6 murders below my short comment here is today's example of liberal governance at it's very best, which to you and me means "the very worst effort you can muster if you weren't even trying"....

So this is what happens when you lose a b ball game down in the hoods of South and West Chicago.

A crime scene photographer with the Chicago Police Department works
near a basketball court where two people were shot. (Tribune / Chris Salata)

6 dead, at least 11 wounded in night of shootings

Chicago Breaking News: "It was a night of exceptionally heavy violence on a warm summer-like night in Chicago.

Six people were killed and at least 11 others were wounded across the South Side in an area stretching from the Back of the Yards neighborhood to the Calumet Heights neighborhood to the Morgan Park neighborhood. There were no arrests in any of the shootings.

The first slaying in the grim tally came just before 6 p.m. when Bernard Hatcher, 30, was killed by gunfire in the East Chatham neighborhood at 79th Street and Maryland Avenue, Gresham District Lt. John Brundage said." read full article
Chicago's slide into Mogidishu West is continuing at an astonishing clip this year as 6 more Chicagoan's killed each others last night and no it's not the guns, it's the people who are shooting each others' with them who are the problem. 9 Homicides between Monday and Wednesday afternoon alone. 

Less than Baghdad.

We don't have 5 people killed in my township of Buffalo Grove 20 miles north in 15 years. 15 Freaking years !! 65th best place to live in America this close to the nearly the worst and one of the top ten, Winnetka is zero miles from the city proper and yet no double digit murders there and hand guns like everywhere else in America are legal where they ARE NOT IN CHICAGO...

Do you need a PHD to figure that one out? I think not.

4 people killed in one murder and of course the notorious John Wayne Gacy was just outside of the city limits in Des Plaines. Then also the now infamous Browns Chicken Murders a couple townships away in Palatine IL, that about covers it as far as the worst of the worst in the Suburbs,.....so what's the problem AL, Lucky Louis, Jesse J, Triple J, Barack, Sir Richard......
Anyone? Anything? Of course the silence is deafening.

Explain that? I can but won't do it here, and if you have trouble figuring it out, my bet is you voted for Obama and this is the mess he left behind when you  folks decided to put him into DC to implement his wonderful "tried and true urban community organizing" that we can all see in the papers every morning is working wonderfully. 

More people are killed in Chicago over the past decade than soldiers are in war over in Iraq and Afghanistan for the entire decade we've been there. 

Think about that for a second,  and ask yourself "why would any sane person elect a liberal to run anything anywhere not in the third world" when we can see every city or state run by liberals is either morally bankrupt, financially bankrupt or both and that is a Fact. Not one liberally run city is in the black anywhere except in their ghetto's because their finances as we all know are IN THE RED!!

So perhaps, this weekend we can shoot for an all time murder record? A few weeks ago 16 people were killed in one weekend here in that city so let's SHOOT for twenty and maybe next weekend we can open the United Center and hand out pistols to the people and let em all loose for 15 minutes, that sounds like some good family fun to me not. But that's what's going on in the neighborhoods surrounding the Arena, so why not bring it inside and get it over with one weekend?  Of course I'm kidding but something had better be done soon and it starts just like in Washington by "cleaning house head to toe"

Some people were sadly duped into thinking Obama was going to bring that change, yet instead ,what we've got is a soft tyrannical dictator sharpening his elbows on his enemies, which seem to be anyone anywhere any color who doesn't buy his "bullshit agenda"  Meaning US, Americans are his enemy not the Muslim extremists who kill Americans daily here and around the world.
Chicago's a great city in many areas both literally and physically but..

like anything else, the bad apples ruin the pie and the politicians are sending our money and resources all over the world, when we have Darfur right in our backyards, as the cities around America are locked into "permanent, democratic underclass leadership".

In my opinion, this is occurring still today because they're all poverty stricken, and the same people keep getting elected because they don't vote for anyone but the same failing politicians, not really caring who gets in office because they've been indoctrinated into believe that "no matter what, the white man will keep them from succeeding usually by tossing them in jail" and that "only black politicians care about them".

Well,  we can see the results of their work plain as day when it becomes nightime and the gangs rule the streets while these local black politicians go to prison at the same rate the poor and uneducated people they're supposedly helping which then in turn GIVES THEM MORE STREET CRED AND GETS THEM RE ELECTED!!!   Don't believe that statement see Marion Berry, see Ray Nagin, see Kwame Kilpatrick, see Al Sharpton, see Aldeman Beavers here in Chicago

I can go on and on and on and on for a day listing the criminals in the democratic party, and til lunchtime naming the republicans..

That's the problem in it's entirety and it's a cycle that seemingly cannot be broken because liberal nanny state policies created this mess and the poor keep being mislead and abused by their elected officials graft.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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