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Friday, April 16, 2010

ICE Busts Human Smuggling Ring That Stretches Length of U.S. | Why the wait so long? Here's why....

Notice how the government gets busy all of a sudden on the border so in a month they can go "oh but look how we're cracking down now, so it's ok to give these 20 million illegals the most valuable document a human being can own in this life, American citizenship. Please don't fall for this routine, we've been through it, although we know now this Obama government will pass things we want nothing to do with so we had better be prepared for war on  Shamnesty TWO.

ICE dubbed the investigation "Operation In Plain Sight" because of the "brazen" nature of the alleged smuggling scheme, which helped immigrants from Mexico, Central America and even China escape the watchful eye of border agents.

Notice the group they intentionally left out there do you? Radical Muslims we know are pouring in down there as well, it's just that they're stealthier about it than the Latino's many whom believe they own the place here.

They, the government,  put out this same bullshit propaganda talking up their raids and so forth, I'm sure you all remember when Jorge was trying to con us into Shamnesty. In fact I made the photoshop you see here back then when he was pushing amnesty.

I like this paragraph especially for it's complete bull nature:

ICE officials predicted that the strike would put an immediate freeze on smuggling activity in Arizona, having "dismantled" the smuggling network and arrested key players in the international ring.

Oh ok, if it was that easy then why the hell the decade long delay that was so bad Arizona just passed the toughest laws on illegal immigration in their history just days ago.

What a crock of crud . Don't be fooled, they were saving this raid for political purposes it's quite obvious, and frankly I'm beginning to believe they orchestrate much of what they do for PR only.  Only when it's good for them

ICE Busts Massive Human Smuggling Ring That Stretches Length of U.S

FOXNews.com -.: "More than 800 law enforcement agents swooped down on a massive human smuggling ring in Arizona early Thursday morning, delivering a 'stunning blow' to a criminal network that helped shuttled illegal immigrants all around the country.

Thursday's strike is the largest coordinated action ever led by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which partnered with eight other federal, state and local agencies to arrest 47 suspects in Phoenix, Tucson, Nogales and Rio Rico, Arizona.

'Alien smugglers are a scourge,' ICE Assistant Secretary John Morton said. 'They violate our borders ... [and] profit at our expense by knowingly breaking our laws, day in and day out. Today we turned the tables on the smugglers.'

ICE agents targeted shuttle van services they believe have ferried thousands of illegal immigrants from southern Arizona to Phoenix, providing passengers fake $30 ride receipts and even coaching them on how to answer law enforcement agents if the buses were stopped at immigration checkpoints along the highway. From there the illegal immigrants were left at drop-houses or brought to shuttle services that offer rides to destinations all over the West Coast.

ICE alleges that the businesses are part of a larger smuggling operation that carries illegal immigrants over the border from Mexico 'to the far corners of the United States' — places as far-flung as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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