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Thursday, April 15, 2010

President Obama $6 Billion Budget Boost for NASA a CON, | They've Wasted 100 times more than that....

Anyone who thinks Obama tossing NASA a little 6 billion dollar chicken bone means "diddly squat" in space money terms

"President Obama defended his plans for the NASA space exploration program today, saying, 'I am 100 percent committed to the mission of NASA and its future.'

In reality when one lifts up Obama's "shells"  he's actually "looting" NASA for to fund his whack agenda when you really untangle this entire shell game this group is playing,  by moving money here from Peter to pay Muhammad and Vladimir over there by claiming they're "tuning NASA up" which will "save money" which they in this playtime white house  somehow  extrapolate out to "giving them More Money".

And "Pharaoh" Obama is the one "giving it" to them.
"I am RAMSES OBAMA, the Pharaoh and I proclaim the following to you, my indentured servants as I, Ramses Obama am giving NASA this, I'm saving this......, I'm restructuring this....., I'm  your king !  Thank Allah I came along when I did you miserable serfs!!"
The way Obama condescends down to everyone and everything is so "Muslim like" and infidels know what I'm talking about on that characterization. He acts as if western civilization elected him GOD and he just waves his Scepter o prompter at all the serfs and peasants who hang on his every world like good little dhimmi's and sheep.

This here is a Jake Tapper story from last night's Nightline, the only real reporter left at that ABC since John Stossel checked out for Fox news where Tapper will end up as well eventually, which covered the Astronaut's greviences we also blogged about the other day here before the MSM picked up on it, days before,  and down below the video.

Funny thing is Sean Hannity already figured this thing out for us, as I was just getting ready to compile a list of waste to bolster the post, but it's such a common search it only took me 2 seconds thanks to "Sean Hannity's Waste 102" resource which comes in handy to mock Obama's "spending" in areas "we" consider the most important as opposed to "they" who think this shit below is more important...

Here's the top ten of 102 "Obamaboondoggles" as I call em' the total of all 102 is almost 5 Billion.

 10: Investing in nation-wide wind power (but majority of money has gone to foreign companies) ($2 billion)

9: Resurfacing a tennis court in Montana ($50,000)

8: University in Indiana studying why young men do not like to wear condoms ($221,355)

7: Funds for Massachusetts roadway construction to companies that have defrauded taxpayers, polluted the environment and have paid tens of thousands of dollars in fines for violating workplace safety laws (millions)

6: Sending 11 students and 4 teachers from an Arkansas university to the U.N. climate change convention in Copenhagen, using almost 54,000 lbs of carbon dioxide from air travel alone ($50,000)

5: Storytelling festival in Utah ($15,000)

4: Door mats to the Department of the Army in Texas ($14,675)

3: University in New York researching young adults who drink malt liquor and smoke pot ($389,357)

2: Solar panels for climbing gym in Colorado ($157,800)

1: Grant for one Massachusetts university for "robobees" (miniature flying robot bees) ($2 million)

but the irony lies in the fact that the waste he compiled adds up to almost as much as he says "I" not us but "I" am "giving" NASA.

Now here's what he's pissing away ACORN's WAY although of course they "claim" they've disbanded but in fact they're working right out of Obama's home base here and we know exactly where they're at and what they're doing thanks to spies in the very building they're working out of. ;>)

There is plenty of funding that finds its way to ACORN coffers,  like the $1 billion for Community Development Block Grants or the $4.1 billion for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

That's at HUD's website, and when you visit that place imagine looking out your window and seeing the entire neighborhood on fire, as that's about the same image you would have if one could visualize the way that agency burns through our tax dollars now and to come for the next century at the rate they're borrowing money from our children. Who by the way will all be working in Chinese restaurants, dry cleaners and assembling shitty toys all their lives if we don't do something about it now.

However I think we can see now how miserable an amount of money this is and again the fact of the matter is they're looting NASA, not "invigorating it". Otherwise why would the Apollo 13 astronauts be traveling the country all week at rallies against this "Obama invigoration" which also calls for us to rely on the Russians at 5 billion a seat for rides up to space until 20 freaking 15

President Obama Touts $6 Billion Budget Boost for NASA, Potential for Job Growth in Florida

"President Obama defended his plans for the NASA space exploration program today, saying, 'I am 100 percent committed to the mission of NASA and its future.'
The president maps out a new mission for NASA, setting sights beyond the moon.

He addressed a crowd of a couple hundred astronauts, scientists and members of the NASA community at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla.

The Obama administration has articulated a new direction for NASA that includes more investment in commercial space transportation, and research and development that ultimately will lead to a manned mission to an asteroid and also to Mars."  continued - ABC News:


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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