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Monday, April 12, 2010

Apollo heroes call on Americans to save US spaceflight programme - Times Online

Today is the 28th anniversary of the launch of the very first space shuttle and yet can out there tell me why I had to go to a British Website to find news of this other than catching Megyn Kelley talkin' about it in the background while I listen to Rush here?

This is my Google search for this rally because I was surprised I didn't hear about it until afterwards. If I miss it, it's not there. And sure enough "it's not there" as far as our media goes as usual unless it's "racist tea party related" 

But.....the Brit's are on the case.

Seriously that's it! Sure I could change the wordage and end up with a couple more, but I made the point. Click the pic to go there if you don't believe me.

What the real problem here is that we can see the  CommyObammy administration has it's eyes on NASA's BIG money, so they can spend it on other BS liberal "wants", like perhaps :

Homosexual partner trauma counseling, AIDS research, condom elasticity when used anally, 101 ways to use Vegetable shortening on the human body or in it, how many "weight challenged people can fit in a Prius", how many "legal dope purchasing stoney marts" can open in California, and don't forget to throw some dough the ACLU and ACORN's  way along with all kinds of other Anti American crap, and you've got yourself a fine and dandy  recipe for NASA FUNDING CUTS.

The left seemingly has no respect for anything which was previously  important to most Americans, and especially what the space program has done for American life and humanity as a whole  and continues to do since Kennedy got us to the moon with the help of some great astronauts and great Americans at NASA.

In fact they're like the only Government run agency that I can think of  which most Americans don't HATE excluding the left of course!!

Now the Apollo 13 heroes are out here "hand to mouth" begging for us to tell THEM IN CONGRESS AND the  Halfrican White House to  "F**K OFF"  and keep the program rolling. Figuring out another way to pay for that other crap.  I'm sure they'll come up with something original, like perhaps more taxes on flags and  Apple Pie.

We can all see no where they're misguided priorities lie over there in "electric loony land".

Apollo 13's crew of Fred Haise, James Lovell and John Swigert with President Nixon

This time though it's not 'Houston we've got a problem' 

'America we got a problem, and it's in Washington DC! '

Add this to the demands we have for any republicans looking for a vote this fall although I don't think they could do anything to botch up this election since they have no one in DC to really screw anything up. Obama owns this Cluster fuc* all on his own.

The NASA insignia.Apollo heroes call on Americans to save US spaceflight programme

Times Online
: "Heroes of the Apollo 13 Moon mission have called on the public to help to save America’s manned spaceflight programme as President Obama prepares to defend his plans to scrap it.

At an appearance marking the 40th anniversary of the lunar expedition that turned into one of history’s greatest rescue stories, the retired astronauts Jim Lovell and Fred Haise urged people to lobby Congress to block the President’s proposal and throw Constellation a lifeline.

Their call came as Sy Liebergot, one of the mission control experts who masterminded their recovery in 1970, told The Times: “Back then we were excited. All we had on our minds was going to the Moon. Now, in terms of human spaceflight, Nasa’s done, that’s it. The US is going to be relegated to second class. There’s no forward thinking any more.”

About $9 billion (£6 billion) has been spent on the Constellation project, which for the past five years has been developing a generation of spacecraft to send astronauts to the Moon by 2020 and Mars a decade later.

Mr Obama, concerned that it was behind schedule and over budget, wants Nasa to develop new technologies instead.

The cost should not be seen as an over-burden, said Captain Lovell, who has described the President’s space agenda as catastrophic.

“This is a creative programme. It’s a programme that tries to generate new knowledge of our own being, our Earth, our solar system ... the spin-offs are tremendous,” he said, speaking at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

Today is the 49th anniversary of human spaceflight — Yuri Gagarin, the Russian cosmonaut, became the first human in space on April 12, 1961 — and the 28th anniversary of the launch of the shuttle."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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