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Friday, April 16, 2010

Muslim ROP Alert | No moon, no sun: 'Meant Allah told him to take his family'

Allah is all around us and we're losing our country while our leaders or so called leaders hump around Washington patting each others on the back while scratching their empty sacks wondering how not to hurt the feelings of the Muslim community while they're turning out religion based infidel hating killers left and right on all 7 continents.

They hide behind women and children here just like they do "back home" while throwing stones at bigger and badder foes like the US and Israel (badder at least in their case) while usurping our community resources  meant for Americans, and when they're not hiding behind those women and children they're killing them and beheading them like we're in the Middle ages in the Middle East.

A place of which is coincidentally stuck in the Middle Ages as most of us are all too well aware, and  they want us to be stuck right there with them, because they're not capable of advancing themselves any longer with most of their young men and women being indoctrinated in hatred for the west and Jews  in particular.

Their only goal and concern in this life is "pleasing Allah with their bloody sacrifices, along with making you and I obey his orders to kill in his name as well.

Not in this lifetime Muhammad, not this die hard gung ho Christian American and damn proud of it. And particularly when the  people of this so called "religion of peace" commit these violent acts in the name of Islam, just like this human sack of crud who murdered his pregnant wife, his own Gosh DAMN baby son and two nieces.

Two others were injured in the shooting by the way and it probably would have been 50 if he had his druthers.. 

 And Chicago right along with Michigan, and the rest of America's urban areas are rapidly deteriorating like never before as Muslims emigrate into the US more and more while becoming Mogidishu right before our very eyes, and our government is now being run by a Muslim born Muslim sympathizer and government more concerned about political correctness than the safety of Americans and protecting them from enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC . Period.

James Larry has been charged in the fatal shooting of his pregnant wife, his baby son and two nieces.
Two others were injured in the shooting.
No moon, no sun: 'Meant Allah told him to take his family'

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime: "The murderous rampage started after James Larry, a converted Muslim, looked to the sky and didn't see the moon or the sun before dawn Wednesday, a family member says.

'That meant Allah told him to take his family,' said the woman, who asked that her name not be printed.
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James Larry has been charged in the fatal shooting of his pregnant wife, his baby son and two nieces. Two others were injured in the shooting.

'Horrendous' rampage kills wife, baby and two girls Man charged in S. Side rampage that left 4 dead Shooting suspect has a history of minor crimes in Wisconsin

'He went inside and said, 'It's time,'' the woman said.

Larry, of Wisconsin, was charged Thursday with murder in the fatal shootings of his wife and three other family members.

He also is charged with attempted murder for allegedly wounding two other relatives, including his mother.

Larry, 32, is accused of killing his pregnant wife, Twanda Thompson, 19; his 7-month-old son Jihad Larry; his pregnant 16-year-old niece Keyshai Fields, and his 3-year-old niece Keleasha Larry.

At least three were shot in the head, according to autopsies.

His mother and a teen nephew also were wounded in the 4:25 a.m. Wednesday rampage on the Southwest Side and remain hospitalized. A 12-year-old niece escaped and called 911, authorities said."  CONTINUED
 Continue down to the next post as I cover more Chicago murders over this past week as the city becomes so third world that third world vacation destination RIO beat out this city for the Olympics and this is the reason why, they we're all too PC to tell the truth. It's a hellhole and the world knows it so it's time our government figured it out.



The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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  1. The basic tenet of the religion is violence and yet our government starting with Jorge Bush did the country a large disservice calling it the "religion of peace" as he did . That and the border neglect turned me not against but angry with GWB for the first time during his 2 terms/


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