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Friday, April 16, 2010

When Cops Go Rogue: Streamwood cop beating: Officer beat motorist - Video

I love law enforcement men and women for the most part, particularly police officers who come from US military background. 

And the reason why is that in my humble opinion they're less apt to fall into this pattern of bad or illegal behavior and abuse of their power due to the rigidity of the military structure, and respect for authority and also for the accused or enemy per se than officers just fresh from "Police Academy" which of course is nothing like the dumb movies of the same name

So as much as I love officers on the "straight and narrow" I freaking DESPISE anyone in power anywhere in our society who abuses it, a trait that today seems to infect every person that goes to Washington or anywhere else people are "in charge" of others. 

A category of people  which covers everyone from a pushy boss with an attitude to rogue cops, dishonest and criminal politicians and most of all crooked judges, especially liberal ones. When I say "despise" I mean "despise".

Here's the beating the man pictured below the video took from this Streamwood cop pictured above on the right.

.......and yet I don't see all the usual race baiters and other opportunistic MSM assholes defending this poor man who took that obviously unnecessary beating because why?

Because he's white,  that's why the media could care less about this story and we have to report about it on blogs although they are covering it today as you can see from the ST cover and the article from the Tribune excerpted below/
If this poor beaten motorist were black and named Rodney King and had a record stretching from one end of the hospital bed to the other he'd be  media star and multimillionaire in that order.

Strangely enough the man who was in charge during the King beating (which also resulted in a beatdown of an innocent man dragged from his rig by black attackers we all remember as well who the media didn't care about either because he too was "white and must have deserved it")  died today and his name was Daryl F Gates who was forced the force and was 83 when he passed
Too bad he's nothing but a "useless white man". Talk about reverse racism, this is racism by omission, in other words it's just as racist to ignore crimes because of the victim's skin color as it is to report them for the same reason.no?.
Streamwood cop beating: Officer beat motorist - chicagotribune.com: "As Ronald Bell crouched on his hands and knees on his driveway, the Streamwood police officer started whaling away with his metal baton, striking Bell on his back.

Bell tried to block the blows with his right arm, but Officer James Mandarino then hit him on the head and arm — 15 times in all — until Bell collapsed to the pavement, clasping his head in his hands in a desperate attempt to shield himself from further abuse.

Bell was charged with resisting a police officer and reckless driving, both misdemeanors, and was issued a handful of traffic tickets, including driving under the influence.

But less than a day later, the attention of law enforcement shifted to Mandarino. A digital camera mounted on his squad car recorded every second of what Cook County prosecutors said was an unprovoked beating. The early-morning assault played out amid the headlights of the police cruiser as its windshield wipers swept back and forth in the rain.

Mandarino, a 15-year veteran of the northwest suburban department, surrendered Thursday to face felony charges of aggravated battery and official misconduct. Prosecutors said the attack left Bell with a concussion, extensive bruising and seven stitches to close a wound in his right ear."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Most Rev. Archbishop GregoriFriday, April 16, 2010

    Ray, there is a huge difference between the police today and and the police when I was a little kid. When I was growing up, we respected the police because they respected us. They were friendly and helpful. The police today, are often arrogant and more often then not, if you stop one to ask directions, they look at you like you are some kind of moron and shouldn't be wasting their time on such trivial matters.

    So many police today look and act like paramilitary goon squads and are overly quick to use force, needed or not, especially deadly force. I have lost a lot of respect for the police, and they have brought it on themselves.

  2. Absolutely paramilitary is the perfect word and I know a bunch of cops from the city and the burbs and each one of them would kick the snot of their partner if they caught em doing this to a white guy in the suburbs at a traffic stop? This is gonna cost the city a million dollars which is fine with me since that's what they have insurance for and that fuc*in cop is the reason people use the word pig. I've had my ass kicked a couple times downtown as a young kid once outside Mothers where Mt T used to bounce and I was playing music there on weekends with a band named Jade at the time for no reason. I woke up the next day and went to work, didn't call my lawyer didn't call channel 5 etcetc. I'm the wrong color as we can see from the media ignoring this story. Black guy it's a worldwide story.


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