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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In Wake of Rancher's Death, Governor Says "Feds AWOL, Thousands Pouring Over A DAY!!"

Caught this earlier as the country's rage starts to ramp up over the dead rancher, Robert Prince,who's family has ranched there since 1907, who by all accounts was the living and breathing epitome of "An American Good Old Boy". Damn Illegal aliens did over 6 million dollars of foot traffic damage to their property!! Why the hell isn't MEHICO paying that damn bill for starters?

And for his murder alone these cockroaches need to be hunted down and killed on the spot when found in "Mehico", and then, outright  "war"  needs to be declared on Mexico if they don't or until they clean up that shithole, and absent that day,  the party is over at the border as far as I'm concerned
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 13:  Elaine Porko, ...And in related news that's pretty shocking is the governor here claiming at least a thousand of these freeloading cockroaches slip through Arizona's cracks on a daily basis. This border issue is so BS I can't believe either party will do shit about it.

And don't let McCain fool anyone, he's an illegal lover as bad as anyone. In fact I'd go as far as saying that the blood of Mr Prince and every crime victim of some illegal alien is on each and every one of their hands for neglecting this.

The ONLY thing that I hated and still do about George Bush was the way fearless border agents Ramos and Campeon were treated, along with his love for the damn Mexican illegals as well. This is so out of control nothing short of "complete blanket no questions asked nor answered" deportation will even work.

I know that sounds goofy but it's true. You can't sift through this large of a group, you just round them all up and sort it out later, which obviously will never be done in this country, so all we can do is shut it down now.

illegalSo an electrified, 30 foot, barb wire topped, mote surrounded, and pit bull guarded border fence is what I wanna see down there as anything else from our government is lip service. The liberals sued the Minutemen out of business, so it's up to us to get it done and personally,  I'm sick of this shit and I live in Chicago.

The reason being because a third of those people who've hopped the border come straight here..

They're an invading army at this point, a thousand a day just in one state? That's nothing like what we've been fed over the years, that's a brutal number.That extrapolates out to 3.6 million a freaking year man!  That's trillions of wasted money on people who simply don't belong in the country, and is THE primary reason we're all bankrupt.

They just know if this were to be pegged on Illegals the people would rise up, and that's why they've been lying their tails off to we the people for a long time. That is the primary reason I'd bet my life on it. We know damn well it is in Cali.Image by Mayank L via Flickr


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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  1. No more is what we need to tell these people and no exceptions, American citizenship is the most valuable gift any non american could dream of, and it should be treated with such respect bu them and our government.


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