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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Obama opens health summit: 'This is urgent' -

 If anything was worth listening to as I turned this on throughout the morning and afternoon is Senator Tom Coburn, R,  who's been a physician in the real health care world and I live in it too, and he knows what he's talking about like the other doctors in the Congress. Not Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, they know nothing about the real world behind the white coats and that's who I want to hear.

And no, it's not urgent if you care about getting it right sir, It's Bullshit.  The same bull they've been feeding all along..

Republicans are watching the clock closely as Democrats have talked for nearly twice as long as they have so far this morning. Before Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn started talking, the time of possession was:

Democrats: about 74 minutes
Republicans: about 37 minutes

Bullshit.. Bi Partisan My ASS.  Just listening to the republicans for a couple hours doesn't cut it.

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I watched the first hour and we had Obama, Lamar Alexander, the one republican, Pelosi and Reid talk and at the end of the speech from Harry Reid, Obama makes a remark that all 4 went over their allotted time, and says this poignant thing although he didn't know he was saying it all in a nutshell....

"We have to be more disciplined in our speeches if we wanna get this done"

That's it in a nutshell, no one can be disciplined when their spending billions and trillions of other peoples money. Period.. If they can't even stop talking on time they're gonna FIX Healthcare after 3 hours of arguing who's plan is better when the majority has already predetermined the outcome and wrote that 2500 page bill in secrecy?

Yea right.

I turned it off at that point because this is nothing but a trap as conservative commentators have been saying since Obama came up with the idea of this stupid waste of time. Now Obama is talking some more when I switched back to it.

Goodbye on this thing. It's more bullshit from the same bullshitters as this group has LOST ALL CREDIBILITY.

By the way, this is what Obama looks like when someone else is talking...and this is after everyone listened to him more than anyone.
Obama opens health summit: 'This is urgent' - Yahoo! News: "WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies argued for sweeping health care overhaul Thursday in an extraordinary live-on-TV summit with Republicans who want far more modest changes.

With the daylong policy debate available from start to finish to a divided public, Obama and Democratic leaders cast the changes they want as critical to tackling an issue that's more pressing to many Americans than the nation's broken health care system — its still-hurting economy. After opening the summit with hugs and handshakes, Obama declared that even as politicians focus on propelling economic growth, they must also address 'one of the biggest drags on our economy.'

'We all know that this is urgent,' he said.

Democrats were looking beyond the meeting even before it started. With GOP lawmakers apparently steadfastly opposed to broad change, the president and his party prepared to move on alone.

'Inaction and incrementalism are simply unacceptable,' said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to excerpts of the opening remarks she was to deliver. Success of the overhaul effort 'will help ensure a more secure fiscal future. '"
This is what 85,000 Fox viewers think, I'm in the 14% and I'm ill and crippled, and have been for 8 years with advanced MS and it'll never get better until I die......and there's nothing urgent about this more than it was yesterday, or it will be tomorrow.

Get it right or don't do it.
My grandpa used to say that and that's about the last time I even heard the phrase, back in 1995 April 19th when he died, the day of the OK City bombing.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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