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Monday, November 23, 2009

10 Ways Government Hurts the Poor...Illinois Policy Institute - Jerry Agar...

This is really good stuff from former WLS am conservative talker Jerry Agar who's now at WGN and also pens stuff like this for the Illinois Policy Institute, which everyone should be forced to read every time they cash a welfare check or otherwise rely on Uncle Sam too much as this administration is creating a whole new and improved category of deadbeat.

Jerry covers 10 reasons the government screws the poor these liberals and some RINO's portend to be assisting with these massive Nanny State programs like Medicaid, food stamps and Medicare.

10 Ways Government Hurts the Poor:

"1. Minimum Wage If you charge more for something, you sell less of it. Labor is no different than any other commodity for sale. As economist Walter Williams says, 'If higher minimum wages could cure poverty, we could easily end worldwide poverty simply by telling poor nations to legislate higher minimum wages.' A higher minimum wage means fewer jobs and makes it more difficult for people to start a small business. If you tell me you'll pay me X dollars an hour to do a job, and I say, 'That's fine,' why shouldn't I be allowed to do so? Why not just declare that everyone has to earn at least $100,000 a year? The answer is no different at $100,000 than it is at $15,000. It is just a matter of scale.

2. Taxes Business taxes are built into a product at a number of levels along the production and distribution chain, and then sales tax is added at the end. An ever-increasing government can appear to fund its growth by “taxing the rich” and to make business “pay their fair share,” but low income consumers pay a higher percentage of their total income in taxes. All products and services include taxes even when it is not obvious. For instance, rent contains property tax. Gasoline is highly taxed, but the actual tax rate is not listed at the pump.

3. Over-Regulating Over-regulating of business costs money for those enterprises that survive. Less money - less employment. Over-regulation leaves so many hoops to jump through that it distracts from the aim of the business or company, and thusly hurts expansion. Plus, it makes it all the more daunting to start a business Wasting money on losing propositions like sports stadiums - which are always sold to the public as economic development - takes money out of the economy, which ultimately costs jobs.

4. Health Insurance The law denying the right of people to buy health insurance across state lines results in less competition which means higher prices. Mandated coverage forces us to buy insurance we don't need. As economist Thomas Sowell points out, 'Mandated coverages include alcoholism, acupuncture, breast reduction and treatment for baldness, among other things.

You may just want insurance to cover you in case you get hit with some big-time medical problem, but many state laws will not allow an insurance company to sell you 'major medical' coverage without all the add-ons that politicians and special interests have come up with.' Does a single mother struggling to make ends meet, yet wanting to protect the well being of her children, really need to pay for baldness coverage (pun intended) in her health plan?" continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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