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Monday, October 12, 2009

Weapons failed US troops during Afghan firefight (Obama To Blame?)

Of course he's not to blame...

....yet George Bush was blamed endlessly by the left for things during 7 years of wartime both in his control and out of his control, so in comparison,  were this weapon incident to have occured under Bush's watch, the worldwide headline would read "Bush Administration Fails Troops With Faulty Weapons" instead of the more generous and accurate headline for the story shown below regarding the failures of some M4 Carbine's in this recent attack on an American outpost in Afghanistan..

The weapon in question is pictured being used by one of our finest below.

From  unforseen shortages of completely Armored Humvees and more seriously body Armour were all deadly issues our troops and their leaders faced in the beginning of the war, or two in fact, which no one anticipated would take 8 years to quell, as the anti war movement gave encouragement to both the Iraqi insurgency and the regrowth of the Taliban all through the Bush presidency.

Yet to blame just one man week after month after year,  as they all did in the case  of  GW Bush, seemed fine and dandy to these people in the media back then, but surely not now under the reign of Peace Prize Chairman MaObama.

What a bunch intellectually dishonest hypocrites.

My Way News - "WASHINGTON (AP) - In the chaos of an early morning assault on a remote U.S. outpost in eastern Afghanistan, Staff Sgt. Erich Phillips' M4 carbine quit firing as militant forces surrounded the base. The machine gun he grabbed after tossing the rifle aside didn't work either.

When the battle in the small village of Wanat ended, nine U.S. soldiers lay dead and 27 more were wounded. A detailed study of the attack by a military historian found that weapons failed repeatedly at a 'critical moment' during the firefight on July 13, 2008, putting the outnumbered American troops at risk of being overrun by nearly 200 insurgents.

Which raises the question: Eight years into the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan, do U.S. armed forces have the best guns money can buy?" more


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