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Monday, October 12, 2009

Couple Thousand Gays March On Washington and The Media Covers Like A Blanket....(Contrarily, Tea Party Protests Ignored All Summer Long)....

This is how many so called thousands of Gays marched on Washington during their massively hyped 10-11-and 12 "National March Of Equality". And like the other liberal festivals of protest, you like me ever notice that these so called "watershed moments" for this community only elicit a couple thousand people like this did today?

No hundreds of thousands, simply a small gathering of like minded individuals and nothing more.

Not the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of homosexuals one would think exist all around us, based on the amount of movie, news coverage and educational attention they get in the media from the left, agreed? I asked the same questions time and again when certain states go to legalize gay marriage, and yet state after state we only see a few thousand couples at the most ever line up to partake..EVER. Again not even tens of thousands, a very small percentage of our general population.

It's never this overwhelming amount of people,  and yet it is we who are all being forced to accept their ways of lifestyle and sexual preference shoved down our throats ad nauseum, nowadays almost for fear of being arrested for a hate crime now after this past weeks passage of hate crime legislation, done solely by democrats on the backs of our soldiers by the way...

Yet, as you remember hundreds of thousands of Americans in the heartland marched on Washington and from sea to shining sea on April 15th and town hall meetings and yet the Obama Information Ministry also known as the former Main Stream Media ignores us and calls us all just about every printable and unprintable pejorative in the process...

I'm sure you all remember the "Tea Bagger" ho down the MSM had once our protests started rocking the boats in DC and back home. Yet today the media blankets their newscasts and websites with stories about this little tiny sliver of society that is beginning to dictate hate crime legislation attached to war bills and other disproportionate response to their tiny numbers, which again were revealed in today's piddly little march on DC/

I couldn't find any pictures other than the one up top of this gathering so I'm putting the logo of the event here in their place


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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