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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Study: Amtrak loss comes to $32 per passenger, And They Wanna Handle Health Care??!!!!

Just look at Amtrak for the reason why we should keep them as far away from our Health Care as we cam can manage as we know anything the government runs ends up in the red.

And just who is it that ALWAYS gets the bill for these gargantuan mistakes with our money?  Well, In Amtrak's case it's you and me to the tune of about $32 freaking dollars for EVERY  SINGLE PASSENGER that rides the rail daily which includes the Vice President before he became the Vice President ...EVERY SINGLE ONE we subsidize up their trip again chipping in close to $32 per passenger!!

FOUR TIMES THEIR ESTIMATES BY THE WAY...!!! 41 of 44 Amtrak rail routes LOST MONEY. last year, so in other words if they were a private entity they would be bankrupt. This is what happens when the government thinks they know what the people want better than WE THE PEOPLE. Amtrak is a great way to travel when you're on vacation and like seeing the countryside but it's obviously not what the majority of the people want..

So what do they do?

Shove it down your throat and make you pay for soemone else's trips everyday, that is of course unless you ride it daily or whenever,  then you're getting a deal .....thanks to us.

So just imagine for a second or so if they're as brutally wrong with their Obamacare estimates  ( 1 Trillion hahahaha) as they were with this Amtrack cost estimate. (which WE KNOW DAMN WELL THEY ARE), that means the total could come to 5 or 6 trillion dollars IF WE"RE LUCKY!!!

FIVE OR SIX TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR for this Utopian ObamaCareBonanza....Money WE DON'T HAVE.

Simply unbelievable that anyone with half a brain would put their lives in the hands of these people in Washington and pay them to do it to boot....unbelievable.
My Way News - Study: Amtrak loss comes to $32 per passenger: "WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. taxpayers spent about $32 subsidizing the cost of the typical Amtrak passenger in 2008, about four times the rail operator's estimate, according to a private study.

Amtrak operates a nationwide rail network, serving more than 500 destinations in 46 states. Forty-one of Amtrak's 44 routes lost money in 2008, said the study by Subsidyscope, an arm of the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Stephen Van Beek, president of the Eno Transportation Foundation, a think tank, said the analysis could help guide decisions on how to spend $8 billion set aside for high-speed and intercity rail in a $787 billion economic stimulus bill. Rail planners may decide that spending the funds on high-speed rail makes more sense than slower intercity rail, which the Amtrak numbers show need higher subsidies." read more


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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