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Friday, April 24, 2009

O'Reilly's GE Reports Are The Truth If There Ever Was On TV Today

Obama's first 100 days are up and for me and other conservatives out here I'ts been like watching the Battan Death March on TV as far as I'm concerned as the criminality in this administration far supersedes that of any previous including Nixon's and I just hope the country survives in tact enough to imprison many of these people.

Yes in 100 days I've gone to American to Obama derangement syndrome to Rihght wing extremistfar daring to challenge this lunatic fringe loon suave used car salesman Obama openly commit criminal enterprises like the in plain view of the GE Obama MSNBC triangulation of conspiracy develop right in our faces, and Bill O'Reilly has single handedly been attacking the crimes between Obama Immelt and Zucker from the start and yesterdays show kept with the theme and hopefullu a day will come for we dogs to have our day watching these three do the frg march the left dreams of for the members of the Bush administration with Bush at the front of the line


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I do not watch Fox News anymore. I get all my news online. As for BOR he was all over during the elections - and at one point actually was for Obama. I no longer trust any of them. As for Obama - he is a sick puppy.

    I am also sick of this crap Ray, "OBAMA NATION." Really? Last time I checked it was still the United States of America NATION!

    I am so sick and fed up with Obama and those that voted for him are vomiting - let them smell their stench and clean it up. No sympathy for those fools.

    Be well my friend and have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for coming by. I always appreciate what you have to say!

  2. I still watch Fox as we have to get the news somewhere and they are definitely the lesser of the 5 evils out there in my humble opinion Z

    I too am so sick of this moron and his followers that as long as he remains in the Oval Office I consider the country in Banana Republic status and it's that simple and his followers won't use this forum as another state propaganda outlet so I delete any subversive screeds.

    Thanks for the kind words and I'm with you on your skewering of those bloggers as I said I never understood their followings either and still don't/ I thought you were a friend of the one though, what happened I be wondering but no fear I'm with you...

  3. O'Reilly can hope all he wants that it isn't true. IT IS. I watch O'Reilly and several other FNC shows, and I notice that O'Reilly constantly gives Obama the benefit of the doubt on every thing. He keeps swaying that Obama is personally against abortion, same-sex marriage and banning guns. O'Reilly needs to open his eyes.

  4. The one thing I do get sick of with O'Reilly is his protection of Obama but the guy is supposed to be reporting the news to an extent and they already have 2 resident Obama haters in Beck and Hannity.

    As far as this GE shit he's the only man in the country reporting it, so for that I give him all the credit as these people are stealing taxpayer money to subsidize MSNBC for being in the bafg for the Majik Negro, and if the rest of the media had any morals left they'd be reporting it too.


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