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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9.12 March on D.C. rocks Washington This Weeks end

This to many is the 'week of 911' while many of us remember that day and all those lost to us in the main strike in the Islamic War against the West, as all I really do outside of work this week [when it comes each year] is relive the day again and again through the vast video archives from that day I keep in a folder on all my computers and DVD's I own on the subject.

Also by re reading and re sharing some of the things I've written about it over the years along with others about that day we, at least, will never forget which I'll post this week as well.
There's no shortage of info on it, that's for sure, no matter what side you stand on, the official story, or the tinfoil hat version, which some days I hate to admit looks more believable than ever with this government we see exposed in front of us today.

The way I look at it (911) and always will is this:

It's the very least we can do and owe the families and victims of that day frankly, the VERY LEAST meaning 'to never forgive and never forget what happened that day, reminding the world what Islam did that day, and make damn sure it never happens again.

(the pic below is the victims of that Muslim Massacre, each single, solitary one. Click here to open that in a new tab btw .

This year in particular is even more meaningful for a couple more reasons, one of them being what many (me included) believe to be 'radical Muslims' now trying to hijack the immediate area around Ground Zero in the form of a so called "community center."

A 'community center' I remind you is for the "MUSLIM" community only which is really cloaking a MUSLIM ONLY Mosque up on the top floor there, the thirteenth, to be essentially used to worship the killers by peering out the windows and seeing the handiwork of those who took 3000 American and westerner's lives that day. (It's placement there is for that one reason only, and anyone who can't see it should be held complicit in the next attacks ....which are sure to come with all this Muslim appeasement in the air.)

I will say though, that for the first time since that day, I am somewhat happy to report Muslims aren't the only ones building down there, and something a little different is happening in DC, particularly since many of us have been part of it in one way or another since Obama came to town, and that is the movement afoot to take back the country from out of these 'way out of control' lawbreaking lawmakers, scum of which we've NEVER SEEN in our lifetimes in our government, including Nixon and friends.

This group in power now makes that (NIXON and Watergate) look like a tea party! (pun intended.)

Out and out criminals many have turned out to be, and most are simply put 'people who no longer represent the best interests of Americans', which starts right in the halls of congress, weaves it's way through the judicial branch straight up to the executive branch, which presently houses and inexperienced executive who's only skills are in the ideology of Black Liberation Marxism.

So after mourning the 2996 lost that day there will will be yet another MASSIVE march in the Capital [even after that hoped for but still unexpected turnout on 8-28 with Glenn Beck] which is taking place through the 911 weekend called the Annual 912 March .

WND has this today on THAT. And by the way, you can bookmark this page to actually 'watch' the event on Saturday online as it happens...

How 9.12 March on D.C. plans to rock Washington: "Hundreds of thousands of Americans already have marched on Washington, D.C., and millions have been energized by the nationwide tea-party movement, but from Sept. 9-12, the patriotic protesters will gather again in the nation's capital to pick up the tools they say are needed to 'take back America.'

More than just another rally, the 2010 March on D.C. is a four-day long series of events, combining the efforts of more than 50 grassroots organizations and targeted at training and equipping tea partiers to make a difference in the 2010 elections and beyond.

'This will be probably be the most important election in any of our lives,' declares Stephani Scruggs, national co-chair of The 9.12 Project and president of Unite In Action, which have spearheaded organization of the event. 'But November doesn't fix everything. We need to teach people how to protect their local areas, states and regions from sharia law, government land grabs, rogue school boards and any attempts to erode American freedom.

'So what we're doing is real, classroom training,' Scruggs told WND. 'There's been a lot of events with famous people and politicians talking, but what we wanted to do differently was to allow people to go home on the Monday afterward with the tools to preserve liberty for the long term.'

The four-day event, which will be based at Washington's Omni Shoreham Hotel, will include a symposium of training events – including the Young Patriots Tour, the Religious Leaders Roundtable and others – as well as presentations and seminars by over a dozen grassroots groups, a concert, VIP reception, ladies' banquet and an expo featuring displays and exhibits from a myriad of tea-party organizations.

Best of all, Scruggs told WND, the Liberty XPO (Xhibit of Patriot Organizations) and Syposium, which includes the training seminars and presentations, will be free.

(Story continues here)


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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  1. I just cannot believe Americans are so freaking gullible or flat out stupid to not know this is a Muslim custom dating back to Biblical times. WTF!!!!  :'( >:o


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