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Monday, September 6, 2010

Report: Iran Paying Taliban to Kill U.S. Troops (photoshop)

When I saw the picture accompanying this story I was reading on Fox News's website Sunday night I was honestly watching American Chopper at the time, and this thing was natural.

original pic

And while there's nothing funny about what's going on in Afghanistan these Taliban riding around on beat to shit dirtbikes is almost comical as we had better ones when we were kids in the 70's.

Especially when then compared to the deadly fighting machine they're up against in the form of the US military, yet they remind us with their junkyard 'enduros' we haven't been able to eradicate them a helluva lot easier than we have.

We know wiping them out is like killing cockroaches in the third world anyhow from Russia's experience, but to not fight 'all out', which we are NOT doing (I don't mean the soldiers but what they're allowed to do) is just old and wrong. We all know this could be over by morning.

Meaning again we have the same problem over and over in that perhaps if our soldiers could ever fight the damn wars their way for once and all, they would all end yesterday. That's when you have to begin to think the politics aren't in it to win it. I'm not stupid and buy everything they sell, but you like to think they're doing the 'right' things once in a while.

It's exactly like the medical and pharmaceutical industries and so called 'incurable' diseases. If they and Dr's 'cure them' they can't make the money treating us. The incentive lies with keeping us chronically ill, that's what 'pays the bills'. And nothing gets the economy going like the military industrial complex, so lets use the nicest crap and rule the world! Screw this nice guy stuff.
Report: Iran Paying Taliban to Kill U.S. Troops: "KABUL -- At least five Iranian companies in Afghanistan's capital are using their offices covertly to finance Taliban militants in provinces near Kabul, according to an investigation by London's Sunday Times.

Afghan intelligence and Taliban sources have told the newspaper that the firms, set up in the past six months, provide cash for a network of district Taliban treasurers to pay battlefield expenses and bonuses for killing the enemy and destroying their vehicles.

The Iranian companies win contracts to supply materials and logistics to Afghans involved in reconstruction. The money often comes in the form of aid from foreign donors.

Profits are transferred through poorly regulated Afghan banks — including Kabul Bank, which is partly owned by President Hamid Karzai’s brother Mahmood — to Tehran and Dubai.

From these countries, the money returns to Afghanistan through the informal Islamic banking system known as hawala to be dispersed to the Taliban.

continued at FOXNews.com

And I have no problem believing this is going on there since Iran's had their practice fighting a proxy war against us through Iraq and Hamas elsewhere doing their bidding in the Palestinian headache with almost no severe repercussions whatsoever. In fact they've even been rewarded for their belligerence by being allowed to 'Nuke Up".

Me personally, I think it's time to Nuke the Iranian leadership one dark sleepy night, like the end of Ramadan perhaps. There's one morning prayer session I'd love to witness.

Poof ...goodbye. And not only that they're talking about using our tax money to bailout their freaking banks now!!

All I wanna know is when and where the hell is our bailout hitting the mail or direct deposit?


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Iran is the root of all evil.  Funding Hezbollah and other terror organizations in Lebanon,Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, and even Latin America.

    I do not want us to invade that country, but I hope our intelligence organizations are working to destabilize the regime and fund the internal opposition.

  2. "Afghanistan Chopper" hahahahaha.  I can see you cracking up while doing this photoshop!!!!
    I agree with the moring prayer of "poof, goodbye"!  Too bad it won't happen by morning.

  3. That's the one thing I learned being ill with MS until recently. I'm beginning to question how it is I was 'cured' of an 'incurable' disease and am not on the cover of every magazine from here to kingdom come and back for  beating an 'incurable disease'

    Unless of course it's not incurable in the first place. Or pehaps was I misdiagnosed? These are questions some doctors are gonna be answering to my lawyers if I get just a few steps better.  ;)    I just don't believe in these wars now since all that work and sacrafice by our soldiers is met with Muslim derision around the world. I say screw em and nuke em.

  4. Yea it was a natural, just weird how I'm watching AC and this story appeared on my screen while watching it, although I must admit it's on quite often around here, I just think it's a great show and teaches much about motorcycle building and also the pitfalls of family businesses when you have 2 lazy screwed up kids like Paul sr does!! lol  ;)

  5. I don't think we should invade either Curt, I don't want another American soldier to die for a single Muslim.

    We've done more for those people than ALLAH and I'm sick of their short memories and nuttiness. I say warn the citizens to vacate and Nuke the military establishment there and leave the mess for them to all clean up and hire new leaders when the Mullahs and Ahmadickwad are dead.


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