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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rangel: 'I'm Not Going Away.....Don't leave me swinging in the wind' - (swing from this buddy ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐)

Welcome to Barnum, Bailey and Rangel Circus...AKA the 'most ethical congress' the liberal dems could manage to assemble, shot to pieces.

I told everyone back about 2 years ago in this post they'd have to drag first this sack and then these other dems out with a crane at the end of the day before they'd ever voluntarily leave office when they're accused of wrongdoing, and today he proved us all right once again in his own words. IT also sickened me to see this pig hog the spotlight as a former colleague lay dead on the side of a mountain from a plane crash.

And that patriot and vet would be republican Senator Ted Stevens, who was run out of politics with false charges by the way, charges that were later entirely disproved and almost the same battle that drove Palin to quit. Waste on defending bullshit lawsuits from liberal trial lawyers with too much time on their hands..

What scum, huh?

Although they suck as well, this man is who I mean. Charlie Rangel, the man who only cares about himself at this point. A one time proud vet corrupted by DC politics and money that comes from the non existence of term limits as these criminals were allowed by US to keep going back to the til cycle after election cycle.
'If I can't get my dignity back here, then fire your best shot in getting rid of me through expulsion.'

Fine with us you self centered, selfish assed, power hungry thief who 'got caught' for the small stuff and now wants to call everyone a racist and take the whole brugada down with him. Perhaps it we're really LUCKY he'll drag Obama right down with him and Maxine Waters.

I actually watched this Rangel spectacle today, and it made sick to my stomach seeing what this man and frankly it's probably safe to say most non conservative African Americans seem to believe we all owe him and them. It's not the first time we've heard this but to see these congressmen and women holding those beliefs in this day is a bit troublesome .

On that subject 'briefly' .......I don't owe anyone JACK, and neither do you! We didn't buy and sell slaves and neither did our relatives, so that's that...no matter 'how much' they wish to fill us with 'white guilt' for all kinds of 'definitively sad and terrible shit' ...stuff we had nothing to do with.

And therefore, I think it's also safe to say we rightfully and forcefully refuse to take any responsibility for whatsoever, other than making sure it never happens again.

That's where our responsibility begins and ends.

So as a result of the obvious 'push back' they're getting in DC with all the 'spread the wealth' crap, what we have now in politics are angry blacks like Rangel who all think that we whitey's all OWE them 'so much' they can't "take enough to even right the ship" and therefore he's 'not guilty' of anything.

And they're seeing 'their little kingdom' slip away as 'thank GOD' more African Americans wake up and realize 'the left' has been lying to them since the the beginning and the end of slavery, and double sadly, these criminal race baiting fakers they hired won't be delivering the 'promised land' as advertised, because frankly, no one can. And there is none on this earth to deliver.

Only WE ourselves can do that.

He's just 'taking what's rightfully theirs' is the way that thinking goes.

Thinking of which Obama subscribes to, that very same 'whitey owes us reparations' mentality, and that's my theory on that whole 'Black Congressional Caucus' Movement, and why we're beginning to see this come more to the forefront, they're all pissed off that now they have a black president and their 'checks' aren't in the mail.They have to earn em just like everyone else does.

That whole caucus should be disbanded anyhow, the whole 'premise' is racist....and probably will 'be' once Maxine Waters and this man get their just and way overdue punishment, which of course they again will claim we're just 'lynching another black man and women' albeit 'figuratively' all the way kicking and screaming out the door like I said at the beginning... Whatever.

Rangel: 'Don't leave me swinging in the wind'

"WASHINGTON — A combative Rep. Charles Rangel told the House on Tuesday he's not resigning despite 13 charges of wrongdoing and demanded the ethics committee not leave him 'swinging in the wind.'

Rangel, who is 80, spoke without notes in an extraordinary, often emotional 37-minute speech that defied his lawyers' advice to keep quiet about his case.

The New York Democrat and 40-year House veteran had a sharp message in dismissing fellow Democrats who, worried about election losses, want him to quit: 'If I can't get my dignity back here, then fire your best shot in getting rid of me through expulsion.'

Expulsion is the harshest penalty that can result from an ethics case. It would be highly unlikely in Rangel's case because the former chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee is not accused of corruption. continue reading at Politics - msnbc.com:
All he's saying there this afternoon was and is "why am I being singled out since they're all thieves' basically, and he's right.

So how about this? In order to make him and us both happy, how about we fire all their asses, and now.

So I suppose one could stretch that further and say there's an 'elitist dem racism' there, as he's saying. And he would be right there as well. No 'pun' intended.

But that's congress, so "blame them buddy, not us. We're not the racists, it's all your buddies like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who are the racists that want your elderly black butt gone they don't lose the elections'. [Even though they're gonna lose no matter what the hell they do with his 'crotchety old ass)

Which by the way is something about the left we've all known for most of our adult lives, as that's one of the many but 'main' reasons we're not liberals. ;)

What I'm saying to this well past retirement age man is: 'you're 80 years old and it's time to go'.. just be thankful the congress IS filled with crooks as you've confirmed, so luckily you won't die in prison, pops.Take your criminal pension and go back to the beach you loved so much.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. InAnd AroundGarfieldRidgeTuesday, August 10, 2010

    ha ha ha-  I LOVE your hidden message in your link-only you would be creative enough to think of that!!!

  2. Thank you dear I'm glad you caught it.... ;)

    . Yup that's my message to Charlie and friends W.....he's a pain in the ass I've been ranting about for 2 years now. Far more than the media ever did until now dangit!! 

  3. How Great is this?  Really Great!

  4. Hi Ray, I think you are so right!  You said years ago they'd have to drag him out.
    I'm glad he's staying.  He can drag obummer through the mud with him.

  5. Liberals never quit but when a conservative screws up they're the first ones in line for the guillotine cord...

  6. The more we rid DC the merrier.

    They have a long way to go to steal as good as whitey does, but they're catching up... ;)

  7. He just kept talking and talking.  I think I could feel brain cells dying.

  8. He's an old timer. I've only had 2 or 3 people in my entire bloodline live past 90. He can't leave... it's like the ultimate aphrodisiac. Power. Abusing it too.


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