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Monday, August 9, 2010

JetBlue FruitCake attendant flips out at JFK, flees through emergency chute - lol

This meltdown is pretty funny stuff I think, 

He does a modern day 'take this job and shove it' thing.....maybe he's looking for a new  reality show since everyone else seems to have them.

'Gay Flight Attendants Gone Wild' perhaps.  It  seems one man telling him to "F off" kind of  sent him over the cliff.

Whatever the plan, he got himself into some serious hot water.  (my comment over there at the Post  btwwas the following ..."He Thure Lookth Like A Thwell Fella....")

I certainly don't think he's a freakin folk hero like this dumb cnn poll asked which I answered in the majority. It's in the right sidebar (Cnn)

A crazed JetBlue flight attendant who lost his cool after a flight from Pittsburgh landed at JFK Airport today hurled obscenities at passengers over the airliner’s public address system and then deployed the emergency chute to make a dramatic escape.

Steven Slater, the attendant-turned-wingnut, dashed from the tarmac to his silver Jeep Wrangler parked in an employee lot and raced home to Belle Harbor, where he was arrested by Port Authority cops.

Slater, 39, was charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

The meltdown was preceded by an argument with a passenger, who sources said told Slater 'to f--- off' after being told by Slater not to remove baggage from the overhead compartment.

The passenger insisted on opening the overhead compartment, hitting Slater in the head with the door as it dropped down.

After the plane landed and pulled up to Gate 3 at the JetBlue terminal, and as passengers began moving to the door, sources said Slater got on the public address system and launched into a tirade.

'To the f----ing ass---- that told me to f--- off, it’s been a good 28 years!' Slater bellowed, according to law enforcement sources.  continued here


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. ap-dp.blogspot.comMonday, August 09, 2010

    OK,  this guy lost it.... a looooong time ago.
    Someone saying 'f**k off' is everyday conversation around these parts.
    My boss says it to me every morning... after I say good morning f**ker. LOL!!!

  2. He'll probably be reinstated after he uses some anti-discrimination BS defense...

  3. Good call, that's what he'll do...he'll claim 'uncomfortable work environment for pillow puffers'....

  4. He was pretty much of a pussy wee wee weeing all the way home huh?

  5. It is too bad he didn't jump out of the plane at 30,000 feet.

  6. He will could get a book deal with a speaking tour out of this.

  7. <span>Everyday, everywhere, everyone</span> runs into bad times and bad attitudes at work.  And then you have one fag that has his panties in a bunch and has to throw a temper tantrum in front of an audience.  BFD!  I'm sure it shook up a few folks up.  I would have been pissed to have to listen to the "Wendy Whiner".  After he slid down the chute the authorities should have put him in a waaaambulance.  Man, I can't stand assholes like this.  Deal with your life and don't share it with the rest of us because we don't care!  Sorry Ray, I had to rant... :-[

  8. That's what this place is for....I didn't think I'm the only one pissed off and sick of seeing all these men who act like women sorry but they do..

    I saw some saying 'how cool' this was. I can't believe anyone would think 'quitting one's job' over a little incident which this momo turned into a federal case is COOL.

  9. Ya know Trestin I'm sure he'll get a booking on the VIEW and no doubt Jay In the tank' Leno will have him since the quality of his show has taken a nosedive towards filth since the Conan the Whiner incident..Sorry if you like any of those folks, I used to like the 2 men, but these late night wars are a joke meant to drive up ratings.  :(

    I think our whole society is driven by ratings now...blog ratings, tv ratings. judicial ratings, women and man ratings... breast size ratings...lolol.....

  10. Now there's an exit worthy of a Late NIght TV appearance.  Not whining weee wee wee all the home like the little Piggy.... lol  I said that below I think oops///

  11. My language in it's best is worse than that.....although not once I walk out the door or even here. I even have most of the words on the black list so when I do type them it knocks them out for me...lol

  12. ap-dp.blogspot.comTuesday, August 10, 2010

    Well the boss got me good today, Ray. Pulled me in to the Regional managers office and sat me down. At this point I thought for some reason it was over. They looked at me and said with a straight face..."We don't know how to tell you this, but it's very hard for me to say, so I might as well just say it......... We're taking out to lunch, where do you want to go" LMAO!
    I told them I first have to go home and change my underwear, I just sh*t myself. LMAO!!
    They got me good. :-D

  13. You can be like all the minorities and tell em you want a couple days off to deal with the trauma of the joke during this time of Obama uncertainty.

  14. He's still frickin' employed by JetBlue???????  They are just as stupid as he is.  But I guess if they say he's still on the payroll they don't have to pay unemployment.  And his resignation wasn't on paper was it?!

  15. I told ya they'd make a hero out of this momo....CNN and MSNBC have been drooling all over this peter puffer...sickening what our society thinks is heroic today....using this scale I should be on Leno for a week for how I've left a couple of my jobs...no medals or media around for that so you know this pussy planned this whole thing out and they buy it hook line and sinker. Hero to the homos.

  16. I had him pegged though for a fruit cake though right in the headline. If you can tell by lookin at em there's something wrong ..flambouyant ankle grabber that you have to spend the first 2o minutes of the flight explaining to your kids what the hell is wrong with the guy.....


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