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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Company Line: First lady went to Spain to spend time with grieving friend - BULLLSHIT WITH ICING

These people make me so freaking mad with all their lies and bullshit, it never ends.

Look at the comments on this thing and you'll be laughing your ass off as 20 thousand pissed off Americans flood Yahoo with not too many comments supporting the Michelle Antoinette Obama Entourage Committee.

I've frankly never seen 20 thousand comments on any story anywhere on the web ever, and I've been living full time on 'planet net' for about a decade now.


Here's ONE of my comments over there on this subject btw as I left 2 ;

A whole lotta grieving going on in all the pics we've seen....75 thou a day to grieve...What a crock of crap.

So I had to tweak the picture a little...

First lady went to Spain to spend time with grieving friend "First Lady Michelle Obama took a lot of grief for her decision to vacation in Spain last week, a glitzy getaway that prompted one New York Daily News columnist to liken her to Marie Antoinette. But now we're learning more about the trip, which, despite the furor over its alleged excess, seems to have been launched with good intentions.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet, the first lady made the trip because she wanted to spend time with her best friend, Chicago physician Anita Blanchard, who lost her father this summer. Blanchard (who is married to President Obama's best friend, Marty Nesbitt) planned a Spanish vacation with her daughter and invited the first lady and her daughters to come along. Michelle, who missed Blanchard's father's funeral in July, agreed and brought along her 9-year-old daughter, Sasha. The first couple's older daughter, Malia, is away at camp.

According to Sweet, one other mutual friend came along with her own two daughters. And according to the White House, all parties paid for their own hotel rooms and personal expenses.

Speaking of the hotel: As The Upshot speculated last week, it was the Secret Service that booked the Obama group's rooms at the luxury Hotel Villa Padierna, in part because agents could guard the perimeter of the property much better than they could at rival facilities. continued - Yahoo! News:


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  1. They make it worse lying about it.  20,000 & more comments, that's a heck of a lot, I'll have to read some of them.  I love your pic, Ray.

  2. Most Rev. Archbishop GregoriWednesday, August 11, 2010

    How come Michelle didn't invite me along asw I grieved for my Mom who passed away on August 5th following a massive stroke she suffered on July 14th? What am I, chopped liver?

  3. Sorry for  your loss Reverend...<span>I hear ya there....</span>

    <span>My mom died on my birthday in Nov 2007 after a fairly long suffering gastrointestinal illness and I didn't  even take time off from my bulllshit 911 dispatching job at the time...meanwhile the minorities that worked there take off for freaking MLK Day and every other bs they can come up with.... and that's why I told them in April screw this and I won't work again until Obama's removed from office.</span>

  4. Yup there were a shitload of comments yesterday afternoon..... and not too many were on the side of the Usurping Kenyan wonderboy Bunni....  I never saw so many


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