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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chicago's Crook County Files - Former Illinois Rep. Rostenkowski Dies at 82

The felon jailbird democrat known as "Rosty" or Dan Rostenkowski, who cut his political fangs here in the slime of Illinois politics and went on to the congress to run now notorious and powerful 'House ways and means committee' during Slick's filthy reign has kicked the bucket today at 82.

He was the slimy predecessor to the now indicted Sen. 'Bahama Charlie' Rangel, who himself was indicted, convicted and then imprisoned just as his aforementioned down' the line replacement will be in a couple months for his malfeasance.

He sat in judgment for his crimes down here, so now it's on to 'meet his maker'.. and he better hope to the lord above the prison time 'got him right' for all his crimes against America while entrusted with it's upkeep .

I'm sure he'll be seeing lots of old friends where he's likely heading to rot for eternity.

Former Illinois Rep. Rostenkowski Dies at 82: "CHICAGO -- Former Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, the Chicago Democrat who became the leading architect of congressional tax policy in the Reagan era but later went to federal prison for corruption, died Wednesday, a family friend said. He was 82. 1/4

Rostenkowski, who served 18 terms before losing in 1994, died surrounded by family at his home in Lake Benedict, Wis., friend Ellen Tully told The Associated Press. He had been treated for prostate cancer in the 1990s.

As House Ways and Means Committee chairman, Rostenkowski was known as a consensus builder and a master of legislative tactics. He is credited with leading a 1983 effort to rescue Social Security from insolvency and pushing through a sweeping 1986 overhaul of the nation's tax system.

But Rostenkowski himself acknowledged that his legacy would always be tainted by his stint in federal prison.

'I know that my obituary will say, 'Dan Rostenkowski, felon,' and it is something that I have to live with,'' he said in a 1998 broadcast interview with Robert Novak and Mark Shields.

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  1. Thank God. God's clearing away the dirt and the waste.

  2. He's one of the last 'old timers' Teresa. Let's hope the ones' aching to get in don't end up the same. IF they don't start term limits, they'll be corrupted one day too. :( Cynical me..

  3. Good ol' Rostie is up there ladling out pork with Ted Stevens...

  4. Yea how bout it...at least Stevens was on the right team..Rosty looks like a crook ya know> He has one of those worn down criminal jowel faces...

  5. 獨居時,要反省自己的過錯;在社會大眾之間,則要忘卻別人的過失。..................................................


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