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Monday, August 2, 2010

Fort Hood KILLER Nidal Hasan Can't Find a Bank Willing to Cash His Checks - Boo Freakin Hoo.

For once some common sense out there, as we see the military hasn't had the common sense to stop paying this 'guilty as sin' Muslim infiltrating killer who's being payed more than most hard working Americans earn busting their asses day in and out, 70 thousand plus a year this Muslim infiltrating traitorous killer is still pulling in.

Thank goodness there's not a bank stupid enough to cash these things, in fact if they wait a couple more months the checks may start bouncing anyways, not that that's something to joke about, it's damn near true.

Fort Hood Suspect Nidal Hasan Can't Find a Bank Willing to Cash His Checks -

"The attorney for the man charged with last year's deadly shooting rampage at Texas' Fort Hood Army post says his client, who is still on the military's payroll, can't find a bank willing to cash his checks.

Attorney says Hasan is lucid and won't plead guilty to charges of killing 13.

While Maj. Nidal Hasan sits in Bell County Jail in Belton, Texas, waiting for his next hearing in October, his lawyer, John Galligan, has been shopping around to banks trying to find a financial institution willing to take on his client as a customer.

'Various banks have refused, without any specificity, to permit Hasan to open a checking account where he can have his military pay deposited,' Galligan told ABC News.

continue here at ABC News: , although I can't believe they're actually reporting it. The guy filling in for Michael Savage ranted about this very thing for an hour with callers as pissed and irate as I am!!


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  1. Why the hell is he not busted down to Private in the first place.  And why is he getting pay at all?

  2. I say the same darn thing? It's beyond moronic and as if they're scared of the MUSLIM CAIR hate brigade or something not right. Frankly I can't believe the disparity between the supposed leadership. 80 grand a year is a lot of money for any man but how does a Muslim even get that high in our military.

    The victims of 911 have been so let down by this country it almost makes me sick to my stomach to the point I can't stand it anymore. I have to hold back everytime I type something in the shape this country is now in/ Bottom is up and top is down, left is right and right is wrong I mean wtf?/?

  3. Like I just said to Katie...I had to take a break from this today I'm so pissed off about so many things and none of these things are anywhere near being rectified which means I ain't gonna be happy for quite sometime.   I just can't even stop doing this and I really want to, but I feel like we don't have enough people out here now, less is not more and I just can't believe the direction of suicide this country is in. I'm almost stunned wordless at this point.


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