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Monday, August 2, 2010

Petraeus Says "Bombs away, Muhammad" as he 'Resets Airstrike Rules in Afghanistan'

Time to end this hand holding 'hearts and minds' bs when all the Afghans can think of is "blow up their hearts with MINES"

Furthermore I like most Americans are sick of seeing our forces using only 1000th of their capability, mostly because we're fighting a bunch of mudhutters.

I prefer disproportionate force, as that used to be called 'WINNING A WAR'.

They picked this fight and it's high time to end it for once and for all.

See how these 'Allah loving Talibanner's' survive 'unending carpet bombing', as our ground soldiers kick back and take a break for once from walking around with 'targets on their backs' on foot patrols like they're walking through Harlem.

All the while trying to 'make friends' with these people who mostly hate us no matter what we do, so perhaps this news will mean they can finally let our 'unmatched on planet earth' Air Force and artillery take over from a safer distance.

Dealing with these rebel like ragtag forces who follow no rules whatsoever, one at the least needs the capability to destroy anything and everything they can hide in, be it run down buildings, mudhuts or what have you because that's where they hide.

It's almost the same damn situation they faced in Mogidishu which spawned the famous 'blackhawk down' incident during Slick's administration, which was the sad blunder that emboldened all these rag tag and raghead killer Muslims.

Starting right at the top of the shit pit with Osama and Saddam, the latter who even said 'it was his favorite movie' seeing Americans on the run and being killed, like all Muslims love to see

Until today they, [our military] needed to wake up Super Military Mind Obama and ask 'pretty please' to take out a 'Taliban safe house', mostly because these terrorists have all the children playing outside in front of the place to prevent such action, as they push all their 'burqua' covered from head to toe' women out there to work and hang laundry as well, again, preventing air strikes.

Meanwhile, the scum men build bombs, watch CNN and MSNBC all day long for the latest war news and troop movements and so on, as these bearded animals chew on opium leaves and smoke hookah's all day long in the comfort and safety inside these air conditioned Mosques and other 'no bombing allowed' places we can't take out. How ridiculous.

Until now it's been like the failed liberal policy and war version of "no gun zones'.

If these Muslims insist on putting the women and children in harms way, then the onus is on them to explain to the 'do gooders' of the world why, not for our military to explain why our soldiers are there 'killing the enemy' like they're supposed to during a war.

An enemy who claims to be 'holy warriors' yet are better described as 'fighting girls' again hiding behind women and children, all the while pussies like western Wiki Traitor Julian Assange feeds them countless military secrets, and the left assist and applaud him while doing it.

Petraeus Resets Airstrike Rules in Afghanistan: "WASHINGTON — U.S. commanders in Afghanistan have eased a rule covering the use of force that has been a source of discontent among American troops, according to military officials.

As a result of findings during a review commissioned by Gen. David Petraeus, it has been made clear that troops are allowed to request airstrikes and artillery strikes against insurgents hiding in dilapidated buildings or other abandoned structures. Commanders conducting the review said they found some junior commanders had misinterpreted the rules to mean they weren't allowed to fire on such places.

The review comes as Gen. Petraeus, who in July took over as head of the allied force in Afghanistan, looks to improve the U.S.'s broader counterinsurgency strategy—aimed at protecting the population and shoring up support for the Afghan country's government—and demonstrate results on a tight timeline. Other reviews of the strategy are to take place at the end of this year, and defense officials are keen to find ways to demonstrate their progress ahead of that.

The clarification on the use of force is part of a broader effort by Gen. Petraeus to review the tactical directive limiting airstrikes and artillery strikes that was issued in July 2009 by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who was recently dismissed as head of the allied force. That directive was a radical departure from the U.S. military's traditional doctrine of using overwhelming force to defeat its enemies. continue reading at .FOXNews.com -


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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  1. At the beginning there was an obvious reason to be there but today there's no longer a valid reason since they're still growing poppie and they'll keep doing it until the fields are made untenable and unfarmable.  They'd do more good on the southern border at this point. And when we leave we better leave with a warning that should an attack originate from there again we'll turn the entire region into glass.


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