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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Religion of Peace alert: Human rights activist tries to stop death by stoning for Iranian woman

Well, the 'religion of peace' is getting ready to stone a woman to death in this freakin' day and age, and until the people of Iran ask us to wipe out their leadership they'll continue to suffer these types of fates.

The silence from the left is deafening, and furthermore, and all those worthless 'Women's rights' groups can kiss my American Italian ass until they get their fat asses off their couches long enough to defend 'all women', and not just the ones who are ok with 'murdering their own young', unlike any animal nor mammal on the face of THIS earth.

In addition, you poor western women out there, you'd better get sized up for a Buhrka yourselves pretty soon, unless the women of America get out and learn how to vote some 'real men' back into office again in this metrosexually dominated momo filled country, along with some 'mamma grizzlies' who will END this regime of Obama and them the likes of Mahmoud the madman 'Ahmadickwad' on a moments notice like I would, were I elected president.

Frankly, I'd wipe Islam off the face of the freakin' earth just as they promise to do to Israel almost daily, and by the time I was finished and would be loved so much for it I'd be elected to a second and then 'against the law' into a third term.

(CNN) -- A veteran Iranian human rights activist has warned that Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani, a mother of two, could be stoned to death at any moment under the terms of a death sentence handed down by Iranian authorities.

Only an international campaign designed to pressure the regime in Tehran can save her life, according to Mina Ahadi, head of the International Committee Against Stoning and the Death Penalty.

"Legally it's all over," Ahadi said Sunday. "It's a done deal. Sakineh can be stoned at any minute."

"That is why we have decided to start a very broad, international public movement. Only that can help."

Human rights activist tries to stop death by stoning for Iranian woman - CNN.com


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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  1. I just through commenting at TERESAMERICA and she had a "culture clash" link thing going there and I'll just post what I put there for this Margie...

    WE NEED TO TAKE ISLAM OUT OF THE EQUATION and if that means a crusade then so be it. A warning to these so called moderates to 'seperate' themselves from the scum or they'll be taken out like yesterday's garbage when we hunt down radical Islam and eliminate it wherever it is and I don't mean this one at a time bullspit either.

    People say "that's not Christian" and to tht I say "bullspit it isn't".. Only recently have Christians become such wussies. And this Islamic wave is out of control.

    THey either 'cool it or die' would be my motto were I in charge for a month. Kaboom Mecca. That would get the message across, Islam like Naziism will not be tolerated.


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