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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alton Illinois Welfare Mob Lures and then Attacks First Responders - Video - FoxNews.com

July 7, 2010

Angry Mob Attacks First Responders

Firefighters, cops lured to scene then attacked on the Fourth of July

Welcome to the Age of Obama were the racism and racial division has gotten so bad under this worthless, divisive sack of ____ , in a not so wealthy town called Alton, Illinois, obviously filled with much Obama voters, lured police and fire department people to the scene of a 'far too nice' of a housing project to then attacking them like the mob of Palestinians attacked Jewish soldiers on the Flotilla of F*** ups a couple weeks ago..

That's probably where they got the idea, in fact.

This sickens me to no end, because you know DAMN WELL next week or tomorrow, when some kid is shot by a crack dealer in that dump, they'll be begging these same police and fire department people to come there and help them to do something.

You know it and I know it having spent 5 years as a part time Chicago area 911 dispatcher until April, when I quit because of all the people we had to deal with on the overnight weekend shifts. You could pay me in Gold to do it again, God's honest truth. You'd think you were in a different country, believe me, every weekend.

Frankly, if asked me today after seeing and reading that, it's too bad the cops didn't open fire on this scum and knock a few people off Obama's welfare rolls, the highest in our history by the way with the most people accepting food stamps then ever in our history

They cut across all social strata and races, it's not black and white anymore.

They in the government spend billions trying to figure out why, yet who in their 'right' mind wouldn't know why if they bothered to see what's going on in America around us all?

It all comes down to this......Would you open a business with this ass in charge?

This is the kind of people the welfare state breeds sadly, and more and more are out there 'angrier than ever' because Obama 'promised them the world' knowing damn well he couldn't deliver.

Instead, delivering them the shaft and blaming Bush for it.

So now WE ALL suffer the consequences for his lies and unachievable dreams that we knew were a joke. We cannot afford a socialist state, no one can and that's why they've all failed spectacularly.

And now all these people are either disillusioned or simply downright angry and they should be angry at him for lying to them and at their parents for not bringing them up to know there's no such thing as a free lunch, even with 'the first African American president' even though he's not, and probably the last one for a long time after this failure and fraud gets done trashing the country.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Disgusting! Sounds just like what the Hutaree (sp?) group 'wanted' to do but never achieved. Umm, were they not arrested on SEDTION charges!?!?!?!

  2. Ya kind of, a welfate state version I guess, not that in any form it's acceptable, it's just these were more ghetto attackers in the suburbs basically.


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