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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Obama to Disenfranchise Military Vote in Fall Elections? Not if we can help it....

Well they've been getting screwed for years, and the fact of the matter is they should be the only Americans who can vote via email.

In fact I'd love to see the "new Black Panthers" block a military voting station or booth somewhere sometime since those sacks of crud love intimidation old ladies and the meek.

To be frank, ALL military men and women both home and abroad can all vote by 'smoke signal' or 'message in a bottle' for all I care if they feel like it, since it's they and ONLY THEY who keep this place free, and without them none of us casts a vote, period.

Their votes should count twice as a matter of fact just in case one of them doesn't count or is left in the Obama voting memory hole one way or another as demonstrated in my photoshop above as we know it happens election after election, as many of our votes have seemingly been negated by uninformed voters and ACORN fraud for years now unbenownst to most until they were uncovered by James Okeefe and Hannah Giles.

The left in DC should be collectively and figuratively hung if this occurs in November and we can prove it, especially if and when we take back the entire congress.

Soldier overseas? No voting for you: "In the wake of the Department of Justice's New Black Panther Party scandal, a second former DOJ attorney has now come forward, blasting the department for failing to protect American soldiers' right to vote.

What's even more alarming, the attorney claims, is that despite congressional mandates passed in 2009 to ensure military personnel overseas can participate in elections, the DOJ's Voting Section is ignoring the new laws and may allow thousands of ballots to slip through the cracks uncounted in November.

Everybody talks about the problems, but 'Taking America Back' actually offers some solutions for what the nation faces. Get it now.

M. Eric Eversole is a former litigation attorney for the Voting Section of the U.S. Department of Justice and an advocate for military voters. In an opinion piece in The Washington Times, Eversole explains how soldiers in the field may be disenfranchised in the 2010 election.

'Absentee ballots must be sent to overseas military voters at least 45 days before an election to give those voters sufficient time to receive and return their ballots,' Eversole explains. 'The Military Postal Service Agency goes one step further and recommends that absentee ballots be sent to war zones 60 days before an election.'

But legal complaints, news stories and studies all showed dozens of states failing to give soldiers enough time to vote in the 2008 election – resulting in tens of thousands of soldiers' mailed ballots that arrived too late to be counted, perhaps enough to swing, for example, Minnesota's closely contested election of Democrat Senator Al Franken.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. ap-dp.blogspot.comSunday, July 25, 2010

    If there are ones to have their votes counted, first, is our men & women in uniform. They are the ones protecting that right. I am sure Stuart Smally wouldn't have won, if that is the case, that it was assured every military voted had been counted.

  2. For the life of me I cannot understand why the left or right does not fix this? This is an issue every fricking time.

    For pete's sake will the families please stand-up, take the bull by the horns and mail the absentee ballots themselves!

  3. As to the 'Frankenfuck' fraud...They go on to talk about that at WND in the second half of the piece :)

    they came out and said fraud elected him and yet he's the beloved keynote speaker at the Las vegas loon convention this weekend.> I watched that crap last night and it was one of the crappiest speeches I've ever had to endure. Ever. He's a good satarist but sucks in real life.

  4. I feel the same Christopher. Christians today have become very weak and meek. I don't understand it why they won't fight back. Always have throughout history. They've been cowed into submission as this "WWJD?" stuff. It's good to keep it in mind but let's deal with the present threats, that's what Jesus would do I believe.

    He cast out the moneychangers so he'd cast out 'fraud in the name of fairness'. Beck is right on this, not social justice, equal justice for all. letting it go is white guilt which I do not possess. ;)

  5. What an outrage, Ray.
    Of course these commies don't want our fine Military to vote, they know it would be against obummer, since he hates the Military.
    God Help America.

  6. Yea they lost that back in Vietnam ....I've never known a liberal soldier and I know many in my extended family alone.. but some of their kids are if you can believe that *(^*(^*^.... :(

  7. This vet says to hell with Impeachment, lets just bring out the Guillotine instead.  Fast, easy, gets the job done in record time.

  8. Good scoop Ray!  Not surprising, since Obama will garner about .0001% of the military vote.  And he would be following a time-tested democratic tradition.  In 2006 my mail-in ballot was mysteriously returned to my mailbox after the election.  W was in office, I still don't know how it happened.


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