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Saturday, July 24, 2010

15 Dead in Stampede at German 'LOVE PARADE' OF DEATH......

UPDATED since I first posted this mid afternoon it's been determined 17 are now dead, not the 15 reported after initially reporting across the web 10 as you can see in the Zemanta links at the bottom...

17 killed in mass panic at Germany's Love Parade

Furthermore, Sunday it's been reported that this "LOVE FEST" has been canceled forever more.. No more Peace and Love apparently..

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World news - Europe - :"BERLIN— A stampede inside a tunnel crowded with techno music fans crushed 15 people to death and injured dozens at Germany's famed Love Parade festival on Saturday.

Thousands of other revelers kept partying at the event in Duisburg, near Duesseldorf, unaware of the deadly stampede that started when police tried to block thousands more people from entering the already-jammed parade grounds.

Police are still trying to determine exactly what happened, but the situation was 'very chaotic,' police commissioner Juergen Kieskemper said.

He said police closed off the area where the parade was being held because it was already overcrowded. They told revelers over loudspeakers to turn around and walk back in the other direction before the panic broke out, he said.

German news agency DAPD reported the victims were crushed in the large tunnel leading to the event site and that emergency workers had trouble getting to them. continue reading at msnbc.com

First things first as we extend our condolences to the families' loss and the German community who's no doubt in mourning today as are all..

Now for the rant......Pre paid ticket sales would have prevented this....DOH! you greedy promoters.

We saw this in Cincinnati with the WHO stamped 31.5 years ago on Dec 23 1979, and now we see it again today because liberals want to re - write history, and thus no one can ever learn from it because no one under 30 knows it anymore. And that's because they're not taught it.

I've been to over 100 concerts in my 45 years and actually 20 as a small time back up musician as well as small clubs as the headliner locally in the late 80's and early 90's until illness, and not a single one ever resulted in a death other than the sad, obligatory drug overdoses so common in the 70's and 80's particularly.

After the deadly WHO concert that fateful evening, General Concert admissions were stopped worldwide for decades for this very reason.... but NOOOOOOO, these liberals of today think 'they know better' and since 'it hasn't happened in SO long' they drop their guard, lift what they see as a 'no longer needed curtain of protection' and now 15 are dead in all ironies of ironies, at a festival deemed the LOVE PARADE.

Unreal. It's so so sad and predictable it's almost comical but far, far from it when death results.

All to see a bunch of no name musicians just like me, when all surely went figuring on spending what they deem an afternoon of '"getting harmlessly wasted and showing the 'capitalist pigs' we know better than they do"...Peace love and all that jazz. Gee where've we heard that before?

Blame greedy promoters number one and then the liberals for 'living in a fantasy world' where the history books have been practically burned whenever and wherever they possibly could manage it, and EUROPE along with AMERICA make the same mistakes over and over and over again, just like today.

And the biggest mistake this country ever made in my 45 years was the LOVE PARADE of '08 with Barack HUSSEIN Obama Soetero etc etc playing "the Messiah", as now the destruction from within is greater than we've ever seen, despite years of warning signs prior to his election. Yet the Media 'knew best' and lessons which 'should have been learned' obviously haven't, because we all keep repeating them.

So in 08 we made the mistake Germany and Italy made which they also made at the turn of the last century, and today the Germans repeated our history learned in 1979.

And we will suffer some more until our teachers actually teach history instead of whitewashing and sugarcoating it....

There is evil everywhere we look, and as long as we ignore history were are destined to repeat it again and again as the oldest saying in the book goes.....and then again, and again, and again. We must all learn from our mistakes, as famous self help Guru Anthony Robbins coined 'doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

And liberalism as we know is a mental disorder so the two obviously go hand in hand not that we all on both sides of the ideological coin don't ALL make mistakes because we do. It's learning from them that's the key.

Liberals have not and will not learn them... and now are keeping OUR CHILDREN from learning from them as well, and the tragedy that's resulted happened today and going on 2 years ago is spawned from that very thinking.

Live and hopefully learn. But sadly that's not possible for the 15 dead today and may God rest their souls and our condolences go out to the family's and the entire country.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Very cool, Ray how you linked it all right back to the Love Parade for Barack Obama. This was tragic (both the one in Germany and the on here). This was a heartfelt rant. 

  2. Thank you so much. I really spent some quality time on this one not that I don't usually but more serious I guess. It's a perfect parallel.

  3. Those are the wrong links....<span>In fact this might even be the best post I ever wrote although I did write an excellent one that ended up in USA Today about <span>Barry Bonds</span> passing Hank Aaron. I also have an OJ one that's had over 120,000 views and the Aaron one has about 50 thou...It's amazing how many page hits these big sites get. Amazing  

    this is the Aaron one  at USA

    this the OJ one at USA...

  4. <span>Those are the wrong links....<span>In fact this might even be the best post I ever wrote although I did write an excellent one that ended up in USA Today about <span>Barry Bonds</span> passing Hank Aaron. I also have an OJ one that's had over 120,000 views and the Aaron one has about 50 thou...It's amazing how many page hits these big sites get. Amazing    
    this is the Aaron one  at USA  
    this the OJ one at USA...</span>

  5. Hi Ray, I'm with Maggie, I love how you tied this tradgey into the failed policies and scrubbing of history by the left.
    I don't go to many concerts anymore, it's just not safe with all these tards running amok. 
    Only one way in and out, a tunnel????   WTF, that is a recipe for disaster, I'm surprised more weren't killed.

    Every place you go, be sure to scope out ALL the exits, and in a crisis, don't leave thru the front door, everyone does and you'll get stampeded.  Leave thru the sides.

  6. Thanks and it was totally unacceptable. We as a civilized people have successfully handles these crowds all the time in Chicago. If they can get it done with all the deadbeats  here they should be able to do it anywere.

    This tunnel reminds me of Montrose Harbor's little tunnel to the lake ya know? We have 100's of these don't we? I know there's a long one to Oak Street beach we wen't through all the time for Firework when I was a young partying man. Liberals. period. How tragically ironic huh :( .  they're collapsing society everywhere and ObaMorons think they have the 'right blend of communism"///morons.

  7. It's been bagged forever. that tells you something. :(


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