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Sunday, July 11, 2010

'Obama Fiddles' Update...Hits golf course per usual this weekend past...

Remember when Obama said "he wouldn't rest until the damn hole was plugged"?

I guess the world's problems are all solved again this weekend as Americans work 60 -80 hours a week to pay for what he and his administration have stolen from us he 'dicks' around continuously.

I think we need to put Obama on a time clock and have him punch in so we can verify how much time he spends actually pretending to work, because we know damn well he doesn't actually do any 'real work' , and never has.

What used to be called a 'deadbeat, or Loser', now qualifies one to be president hereafter I guess..instead of being the drug addict he's always been, now he's a golfing addict at our expense since he never played a round until he started running for president, as I know no one who plays every weekend ANYMORE.

Remember all the liberal whining over the years about "whitey" playing too much golf? I sure as hell do.
Obama hits golf course - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room: "President Barack Obama spent Sunday on the golf course at Fort Belvoir, Va., according to White House pool reports.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. maggiesnotebookSunday, July 11, 2010

    I honestly think this man is a sociopath. He is disengaged from everything but himself.

  2. Even Geraldo's bailing...did you see him and SHabbazz tonight? Toe to toe... Obama's got white man fever and it may sound funny but it's true and now he want's to be a honkey man and through the blackness up on the shelf to only be used in speeches and emergencies. He's a typical Hate Whitey Black man until the perks come his way, just like Jesse, and AL and the rest.

    Yet they vilify Manning and all the Christian black men who really know what a fraud Obama is. The black men don't like him, they just see him as the man who stole the keys to the castle and their looting it like their instincts tell them to do. Sorry if that's racist but it's the damn truth.

  3. As Maggie said too he is entirely delusional and sick from years and years of drug abuse we can now see/ When he was here in Chicago you maybe heard his name once in a while and you could see he loved all the attention and it's plain to see now he bought into the lunatic fringe who said "if Bush can do this anyone can do it better" when Bush all joking aside is far more educated than Obrother and he was framed as a moron and never really fought back

    whereas Obama fights back and forth in the media because they eat that stuff up..he is more of a fraud than I even thought and we can tell he was pushed through college on the Affirmative action plan because he has no business skills whatsoever. NONE and so he hides on the golf course where he can't really screw anything up and it's less decision making time. Like factory workers take bathroom breaks to get a smoke in in between their real breaks, that's Obama on the golf course, killing time.


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