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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Muslim group BOUNCED from Chicago-area Marriot

Finally they smartened up at the Marriot down the road here 'booting' this terrorist front group to the curb finally, after weeks of pressure, and sent their hate conference (which was supposed to take place today) walking yesterday.

Something which is great news...as we finally a win for America on this unchecked Muslim invasion to the point where terror groups masquerade as Charity organizations in storefronts all over America, as Muslim forts or what they call Mosques are being built all over our neighborhoods to the offensive extent of even seeing them developed on Ground Zero property to placate vile, hate filled Islamic terrorists in 'sheep's clothing' before the hallowed ground is even returned to function for taxpaying, flag waving, National Anthem singing Americans.

Dhimmitude at it's best, but today a small victory for America on it's own PC infected soil.

chicagotribune.com: "The controversial American arm of an international Islamic group has been bounced from the Marriott in Oak Brook, where organizers were set to host the group's second annual conference this Sunday.

Organizers of Hizb ut-Tahrir, Muslim activists who publicly advocate peaceful government reform, hope to find another venue for their meeting before the end of July.

Critics believe the conference, dedicated to reviving the prevailing system of rule that immediately followed the death of the Prophet Muhammad, is an effort to turn American Muslims against the U.S. government.

'We're not attacking or bringing anybody down or humiliating,' said Ayman Hamed, a conference organizer who lives in Chicago Ridge. 'It's just not about that. We're talking about Islam the way it should be understood.'

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The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I'm glad to see somebody grew a pair and kicked these slimeballs to the curb.  Now, can we stop all immigration from those middle eastern hell holes?

    They have a right to their culture, but they need to practice it over there.  We don't kill our daughters and cut their genitals off in this country.

  2. I wonder what idiot will book to them next.  Perhaps they can meet in Wright's church or Farrakhan's.

  3. Great idea Kate..

  4. I was ready to head down there and check it out with a buddy and we read that Saturday. The Muslim population around here is growing so much we have Haji Only' convenience stores here in the next township over which already caters to illegals from all over the freaking planet but mostly MeHico// Katie can verify that I'm sure down the road from me here..  ;)

  5. Yes it caters to Mexicans (Really only the Muslim Conveyance stores do.  The Hindu ones make more money not catering to illegals.), the schools are overcrowded and failing the kids, the parks are becoming dangerous in the daytime.  Property taxes are going up, property values are declining.  There are streets that are more like Mexico and Pakistan than the US.

    I expect that soon there will be a Mosque on every corner.

  6. InAnd AroundGarfieldRidgeSunday, July 11, 2010

    Come to Bridgeview if you want to feel like you are on the Gaza strip

  7. It's so bad everywhere in this state altogether north of Springfield, It's almost third world west and deep south of the Kennedy. I can't believe the rapid decline and the 'outrageous balls' of all these people that frankly whites outnumer  almost 4 to 1. Armed it's about 600000 to one.

  8. They have two right here in BG, can you believe that? Jewish Buffalo Grove has 1 and Wheeling has one, maybe more that I'm unaware ofl

    It's right left of the Burger King past Wheeling road on Dundee headed east down that road that connects to Lake Cook, I go by it all the time to look at the Muslims and fire dirty looks their way when present and to keep my eyes on it. Seriously I do watch that crap, the illegal lawn jockeys I report all the time if they're not honkey's

  9. They've infiltrated every level of our government and this is the drawbacks of a free society

    frankly were it up to me, I would halt any more immigration from Muslim countries period, until they stop blowing up people around the world and if that day never comes they never get let back in. Done, problem solved. We will have a tough time winning back the schools and an entire generation of deadbeats are just killing time until they become dependant adults as another failed welfare generation.

    I always knew the Old America would take a hit as the war vets from WW II passed on but we didn't expect the rise of communism and socialism so we're not totally prepared for that fight because they're in control in all corners......so  now it's hard to instill the same love for country we were brought up on. I used to march in the parades and stuff as a kid and that carried over into my adult hood even though I haven't served I have tremendous respect for those who do as we all do....


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